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    New Protocol between MCIT, MHP

    Cairo, 30 April 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr Atef Helmy and the Minister of Health and Population, Dr Mohammad Mustafa Hamed, have signed a new protocol between both ministries on developing the work systems of the General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI) and its affiliates using communication systems and IT.

    The new protocol comes within the government efforts to develop all state sectors through close cooperation with all ministries and government bodies, each in their respective fields. 

    The signed protocol also comes in implementation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s (MCIT) strategic plan pillars to shift to the digital society, especially the development of health services.

    The protocol aims at bolstering and developing the health systems at hospitals and health institutions affiliated to GOTHI together with furnishing them with cutting-edge IT techniques. 

    Moreover, this protocol is designed to build a contemporary information society that saves the time and effort of citizens as well as employees of such pivotal fields. 

    Applying communications and IT systems will help facilitate the extraction of statistical indicators and audited statistical reports that support decision-making. Moreover, contribute to improving the quality of health services offered to citizens, facilitate the procedures of medical services received by patients and reduce queuing inside hospitals.

    The protocol scope of work extends to include projects such as, supporting decision-makers in providing researchers with data, statistical reports and data mining tools. Another project for establishing, developing and operating a consolidated medical portfolio system for service receivers at different hospitals.

    Such portfolios will include a summary of the patient’s medical history including ER, outpatient clinics, inpatient departments, labs, radiology departments, pharmacies, operations and ICU visits.
    The protocol scope also involves establishing, developing and automating a system for monitoring and managing chronic diseases using modern technologies. 

    Moreover, establishing an information and services exchange network project that allows sharing services and information between different institutions without the need for viewing their internal structure components.

    This will also assist in developing an integrated medical portfolio for each patient backed by reports and statistical data, hence, portraying a fact-based medical map that allows tracking patients’ medical records.

    Furthermore, the five-year protocol, with a total estimated cost of up to 45mn EGP, includes another project for the development of an electronic portal on the internet. 

    This portal is designed to offer a full range of services that mirrors the technology development of the hospitals and teaching institutions in addition to facilitating receiving medical services procedures and eliminating waiting lists at hospitals.

    The new protocol will also include full automation of teaching institutions through applying Health Information System (HIS).  This will comprise the automation of outpatient clinics, ER departments, radiology, pharmacy, operations, labs and inpatient departments in addition to administrative departments and all back-offices.

    Additionally, the protocol will apply Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), establish and develop the technological infrastructure of hospitals and teaching institutions’ affiliated to GOTHI.  Furthermore, the protocol is meant to link the organization to the raising production efficiency system and the National Network for Citizen Health, besides, train staff on using and applying electronic systems.

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