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    EGNC Inaugurated at Cairo University

    Egypt, 9 May 2013

    Centers of Nanotechnology, Nuclear Power Inaugurated at Cairo University

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr Ataf Helmy along with the Minister of Higher Education Dr Mostafa Mosad  and the Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Dr Tarek Wafik  have inaugurated Egypt Nanotechnology Center (EGNC).

    Egypt’s first ever nanotechnology center is funded by the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF).  The newly inaugurated center helps develop skills of the scholars in the nanotechnology field in addition to water desalination and solar energy fields. 

    Moreover, EGNC includes another center for nuclear researches that targets building calibers qualified to work in the nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes field.

    The inauguration came within a celebration organized by Cairo University at its new Shiekh Zayed campus in 6th of October city. 

    The celebration was attended by Cairo University President, Prof Hossam Kamel, EGNC Director Prof Hussein Khaled and a distinguished number of deans and other parties interested in this field in Egypt.

    During the celebration, Mr Helmy said that this event came to emphasize the objectives of the national strategy to be implemented by MCIT over the coming five years.

    Supporting scientific research comes on top of MCIT’s strategy objectives in addition to broadening the research areas to help employ ICT in finding solutions for different problems that face us.

    The Minister went on to say that MCIT strategy aimed at achieving the development needed for generating more jobs and attracting more investments to the Egyptian market. Moreover, activating societal partnership between the ministries and different state bodies from one side, and the private sector and civil society organizations from the other to realize the inclusive growth concept which in turn is reflected on the whole society, he opined.

    Mr Helmy added that IT acted as the key catalyst for achieving development in other state sectors.

    The economic boom achieved in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Argentina, Malaysia and other countries, served as an example to prove that employing IT applications had the capacity to bring about change and transformation for the better.  Thus, serving different community problems in all its diversity. 

    He further explained that IT applications contributed largely to combating corruption, eliminating bureaucracy and capitalizing on state-owned basic resources.

    At the end of his speech, Mr. Helmy paid tribute to the efforts exerted by the young scholars and their distinguished abilities that resulted in registering more than 44 patents in less than two years despite the difficult conditions the country is witnessing which is having an impact on all sectors.

    ICT Minister has also commended young scholars’ capabilities that helped them exploit nanotechnology sciences in surmounting major challenges facing the society.

    § EGNC represents a new scientific research trend capable of positively influencing the country’s economic growth.  This is in addition to the scientific research classical role represented in providing the society with qualified scientific and academic high-calibers, as well as publishing more scientific papers in international journals and conferences.

    § EGNC aims at developing the Egyptian expertise in the nanotechnology research field in addition to fostering trained calibers capable of innovation and conducting research in this field.

    § EGNC is established in cooperation with The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), an MCIT affiliate and Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF).

     ITIDA eyes:
    § Promoting and developing ICT industry.
    § Transferring state-of-the-art technologies to the communications and information fields together with maximizing their uses.
    § Sponsoring researches and studies in ICT field and promoting its uses.

    STDF targets:
    § Funding scientific research and technology development.
    § Supporting the innovative capacities of the sciences and technology system together with bolstering scientific research.
    § Developing technology-based products together with other products.

    § A cooperation protocol bas been signed between the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of State for Scientific Research, MCIT and IBM on September 19, 2008.  The protocol aims at introducing scientific research to the nanotechnology field in addition to transferring the relevant expertise and know-how.

    § Achieving these objectives has aroused the need for innovatively establishing a research entity that sets a new model in Egypt through adopting a different perspective for administrative structure and deliberate planning. 

    § This perspective targets building the Egyptian capacities in this center so that work can be linked to industry through cooperation with prominent international companies operating in the nanotechnology field.

    § The importance of the nanotechnology lies in its manifold applications in vital domains such as health and IT, thereby, maximizing the benefits reflected on the Egyptian citizens.

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