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    IT Companies Forum Kicks Off

    Cairo, 11 May 2013

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr Atef Helmy witnesses the events of the second Forum for Information Technology (IT) Companies on Thursday May 16 at the Ministry’s premises at Smart Village, with the presence of the representatives of the ministries and government bodies involved in agreements.

    This comes within the framework of showcasing the best ideas and solutions the companies and non-governmental organizations represent.

    This step lays the ground for the necessary mechanisms to implement the projects agreed upon as per the signed protocols, in order to start immediately with the implementation process.

    The Forum is the continuation of the events of the first forum taking place in April of last year.

    Attendees of last year included a large number of private sector companies and civil society organizations, such as Eitesal association, the Computers and Software Division of Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) and ICT Chamber as well as the representatives of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field.

    During the first forum, the forthcoming protocols and projects at that time, projecting for the next five years, were showcased in detail. More than 15 cooperation protocols signed between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and a number of ministries and government bodies were detailed.

    Among these ministries were the ministries of tourism, health, education, justice, higher education, finance, youth, sports, transportation, scientific research, electricity and energy, besides University of Al-Azhar, the general prosecution, the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) and others.

    The new projects were funded jointly between the MCIT and partnering bodies.

    Last year, the strategic goals of the new protocols were showcased. This entailed local demand growth, the improvement of services’ quality, skills development for government employees and the automation of the State administrative bodies.
    At the same time, the forum included the showcasing of 85 new project serving more than 15 ministry and government body with a total cost of 500 million EGP that would last for 5 years to come.

    The vision for implementing the future projects was highlighted, including the activation of the Private Public Partnership (PPP) concept for setting the action plan and mechanisms of the implementation process, not to mention the civil society participation to respond to the technical needs of the bodies that are partners in the protocols.

    Moreover, MCIT initiatives with the private sector whose importance remain in the solutions they offer were also showcased.  

    In the same context, IT infrastructure sector director at the MCIT, Dr Hesham El Deeb pointed out that the new projects that would be implemented in cooperation with the rest of the ministries were addressing several fields.

    This included, he said, fields of infrastructure, government could computing, e-portal and shop, emergency services integration and improvement, as well as enhancing the combat mechanisms of cyber-crimes, the activation of transparency, control and corruption fighting mechanisms, improving efficiency and productivity of government employees, activating mobile applications for public serving projects and finally, the digital identity management as well as other national projects.

    The goals behind all the above were to make information accessible for decision-makers inside the ministries, besides providing convenient IT applications and programs for each ministry according to its activity and targets.

    Updating and maintaining the equipment and networks, and the measurements of digital security and information systems as well as other services that the Ministry could provide besides the implementation of human development and training programs to regulate such a system inside the various ministries and government bodies were also part of the goals.

    El Deeb pointed out that the organizations of civil society and their affiliated companies participating to the first Forum for IT companies had expressed their deep comfort towards the Ministry’s initiative in this regard and considered that as a new launch for the PPP and reviving the local market. 

    He  also called upon companies to focus on activating the role of local partnerships under the Ministry’s auspices, for the launch of MCIT tenders and projects, especially that the next phase is to witness the launching of a number of tenders tackling projects of infrastructure, services and programming. This would occur when the time would seem suitable, he ended.

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