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    ICT Minister Witnesses AVL Launch

    Cairo, 23 June 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr Atef Helmy witnessed today the events of launching Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) services for the very first time in Egypt.

    The service, which enables companies and individuals to automatically determine the geographic location of a vehicle using AVL, was activated today by Vodafone Egypt with the collaboration of ETIT.

    Mr Helmy, in his speech, said that launching the AVL service reflected the State’s keenness to catch up with the technology advancement, to respond to the local market and customers’ needs and to achieve maximum benefits of the actual resources, such as the vehicles, to increase the productivity of transportation, tourism, post, taxi and money, petroleum, food supply transfers.

    The AVL, he added, provides a high security level with least cost. Therefore, this reflects the AVL significant role to encourage investments in all sectors, thus providing new job opportunities. He pointed out that the service was available to all mobile operators in Egypt.

    The Automatic Vehicle Location application will contribute largely to stabilize security in Egypt specially in the current time, and manage the traffic causing jams to dissolve and vehicles to move securely on roads. This will also help ambulance, emergency, police and civil defense cars to be controlled automatically.

    This goes the same for the railways, subways and floating facilities to secure the coral reefs, transport fleets and heavy shipping (transport vehicles of petroleum products and food), and money transfer vehicles and movable valuables’, vehicles transporting passengers and goods-governmental organizations, tourism buses, taxis and private cars to reduce thefts.

    The AVL can also preserve the State’s resources through locating the trucks of the petroleum products and thus prevent robbery. Moreover, it can adapt the heavy shipping vehicles for mobilization, emergency and aid to the general plan set by all State bodies.

    AVL application relies on a device implying GSM modem and GPS. It is also used to prevent cars’ robbery as SMS are sent via the device with the user data and secret number.

    The device, thus, activates the locating system and answers back via a message locating the car position precisely.

    The new system enables individuals and companies to identify the location of their own cars and specify certain tracks to the cars circulation, follow-up on cars’ speed and fuel consumption. Participants can then secure and follow-up on their cars all day long by benefiting of all these services and more.

    The service allows major companies to manage their cars fleets through identifying specific car tracks. The service implies sending signals when the car gets out of its track. This is to guarantee the company’s full command on cars, like in water distribution, food and petroleum supplies as well as other areas. 

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