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    Mr Helmy Inaugurates ICT, Post Projects in Alexandria

    Alexandria, 1 September 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr Atef Helmy, along with the Governor of Alexandria Tarek Mahdy, inaugurated today a number of new projects in the fields of ICT and post in the city of Alexandria.

    The framework of the government plan is to implement goals of the roadmap through which it could provide citizens with services at the level of every state sector. The political motive of the government is to realize stability, thus enabling the country to attract more investments, provide job opportunities for youth and resume work cycle.

    First, the minister Atef Helmy along with Telecom Egypt president, engineer Omar El Sheikh inaugurated Miami customer service. Minister Helmy and Mr El Sheikh oversaw the work flow and met with the employees after the renewal activities undertaken by Telecom Egypt to improve the services provided to the residents of the area.

    The new customer services center offers many communications services to the citizens, for example: receiving requests for new landlines contracts nationwide, selling communications features, query and billing, telegraph and fax services as well as ADSL services provided by TE DATA affiliated to Telecom Egypt.

    The current capacity of Miami central reached 100 thousand and 420 landline, the number of users  reached 79 thousand and 944 with an occupancy of 79.6%. Therefore, the central is open to receive more requests from citizens to benefit from telephone services in the governorate.

    Alexandria covers 66 centrals with a total capacity of 1332100 landlines and a total number of users reaching 928492 till July 2013.

    The future plan for Alexandria communications projects focuses on increasing the capacity of centrals and landlines networks to answer the citizensí needs, remove bottlenecks and expand internet services as well as completing CDMA network covering the governorate through 46 BTS station and with a total capacity reaching 98352 line whereas more than  40152 users were connected. Up till the last year, the total investments in ICT infrastructure in Alexandria from 1999 to 2012  reached 1080 billion EGP.

    Then, Mr Helmy along with Egypt Post chairman, Dr Ashraf Gamal El Din inaugurated Al Ibrahimya and Camp Shizar post offices after the renewal.

    The two offices provide financial and postal services, as the pensions at Al Ibrahimya are estimated around 3884 and the saving accounts to 50 thousand, while Camp Shizar post office includes 2663 pensions and 45 thousand saving accounts. This comes within the framework of Egypt Post plan to renew the post offices nationwide.

    Both the minister and the governor also visited the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport. The visit aimed to praise the students who won bronze medallions in the International  Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Sydney this year from 4 to 11 July.

    The two students are Omar Khaled Obei (18 years) at the international school of the Arab Academy and Mohamed Ibrahim Salama (16 years) at Mohamed Karim secondary school.

    Moreover, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry presented by the E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC) and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport presented by the College of Management and Technology.

    As per the MoU, the ELCC provides the technical support, consultation and training for the teaching staff and employees of the college in order to establish a center to develop the e-content and access the ELCC e-learning programs to the students. This is to create qualified students in the fields of e-learning and entrepreneurship in order to help them to confront the job market challenges and needs.

    Both sides work on the accreditation of the ELCC special learning diploma as a master degree after inserting some additional academic courses.

    The agreement also entails working on joint research projects, periodical IT reviews and organizing an international conference to spread the culture of e-learning in Egypt.

    The agreement comes within the framework of the ELCC strategy to spread the electronic methods of learning and apply the Egyptian standards to develop the educational content in Egypt.

    Both Mr Yasser Kazem, ELCC chairman and Dr Tarek Hassan Abdeen, dean of the college signed the MoU.

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