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    Protocol signed between MCIT, MALR for ICT-Enabled Agriculture Sector

    Cairo, 9 November 2013

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy and the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ayman Abu Hadid signed today a cooperation protocol between the two miniseries with the aim to activate ICT role, use technical systems in the agriculture sector, as well as enhancing efficiency of work and services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR).

    The protocol also targets facilitating access to services provided by MALR to support the agriculture system and spread awareness among farmers in Egypt.

    Dr Alaa El Hayess, in charge of the protocol implementation at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT),  said that the Automation of Agricultural Land Registration  project and building land owners database aimed at activating the universal number of the agricultural land to be linked to farmersí national ID numbers.

    The project aimed to deliver the Stateís subsidies of fertilizers and production supplies to true beneficiaries and build an information system to manage the agricultural land registration in a way to facilitate the decision-making, he added.

    El Hayess also said that specifying the agricultural strategies, policies and fertilization and finally, predicting the water consumption and the size of crops in order to improve their pricing policies are also among the main goals of the project.

    MCIT- MALR cooperation protocol includes the Digital Map for State Land under the supervision of the General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects and Agricultural Development (GARPAD).

    The Digital Map project aims at building an information system and a geographic database for GARPAD lands. The map helps discover infringements through comparing different satellite images in different time intervals.

    Moreover, fishery automation is part of the cooperation fields between the two ministries. The projectís main goal is to limit lakes and fish farms infringements through allocating geographic borders and establish databases of farms and lakes. Preventing such these infringements could take place through comparing satellite images of these areas on different time intervals.

    This is in addition to providing accurate numbers for the fishery wealth, thus, help preserve the citizenís food security.

    The protocol states that MCIT will create an e-portal for MALR and its affiliated bodies. The portal will facilitate the citizens access to the Ministryís services. MCIT will also create packages of services and knowledge programs: (SMS, expert systems.), in order to enhance communication with farmers and facilitate agriculture guidance.

    According to the protocol, a call center will be established to maintain another communication channel with farmers and concerned people. The center will answer the customers inquiries regarding the services offered by the Ministry. In addition, expert systems of the agricultural sector will be provided to improve the cognitive awareness of the different MALR specializations.

    The six-year protocol was signed during an expanded meeting between Helmy and Abu Hadid at MALR premises, with the presence of a number of executives from both sides.

    During the meeting, MALR showcased its needs for the coming phase. Means to integrate IT solutions in agricultural projects were also discussed, thus saving time and efforts and achieve the interests of all stakeholders.

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