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    4 Agreements with Irrigation, Agriculture, Justice, Health Ministries to Promote Broadband

    Cairo, 18 December 2013

    Egyptís Prime Minister Hazem Al-Beblawi witnessed today the ceremony of signing of four new agreements between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), the Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

    The agreements aim at promoting broadband internet services at the aforementioned ministries, in the framework of the governmentís strategic plan to shift towards a digital society and develop services provided for citizens by means of activating modern ICT tools and integrating them within the Stateís administrative apparatus system, to be provided to citizens in the form of digital photos, thus Keeping pace with the latest data the modern era.

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Atef Helmy signed the agreements with the Minister of Health Maha El Rabat, the Minister of Justice Adel Abdel Hamid, the Minister of Agriculture Aymen Farid Abu Hadid, and the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Motaleb.

     The agreements come as part of the endeavors to spread broadband services, a strategy MCIT launched and approved by the Egyptian Cabinet,  in session 19 on 3 December 2013, as a national initiative in order to be generalized in all sectors and bodies of the State, through cooperation between various ministries.

    This is to ensure an up-to-date technological means to provide services, answer the needs of users at affordable prices and encourage the national and foreign investments in this field within the framework of free market rules.

    According to the cooperation protocol between MCIT and MWRI, MCIT will maintain the use of broadband networking to improve services in 50 offices including the main MWRI premises and the agricultural land registration offices affiliated to the Ministry.

    Moreover, MCIT, as per the protocol clauses, will develop 42 offices at MWRI main premises, the General Agency for Urbanization and Agriculture Development and the agriculture reclamation building, as well as the offices affiliated to land tenure, agricultural development and guidance affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture.

     On the other side, the agreement with the Ministry of Health includes the development of services in 340 hospitals and health units, affiliated to the Ministry.

    Furthermore, the agreement with the Ministry of Justice includes the improvement of 150 courts to be equipped technologically.

     The agreements come under the umbrella of the pilot project to spread the services of the national broadband initiative where the first phase aims to connect 106 schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education to broadband services and 340 hospitals and medical centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health, as well as 8 research centers affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research.

    This is in addition to 896 youth centers, 27 sites for the Ministry of Labor Power, in cooperation and partnership with the private sector.

     Investments of the first phase will attain around 17 billion EGP based on the Public Private Partnership, where the government share should not exceed (10- 15%) to implement the first phase of the project that will benefit the societal and development aims of all sectors in Egypt.

     Earlier this week the Egyptian Cabinet witnessed the signing of a number of similar agreements between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministries of Education, Youth, Labor Power and Immigration and finally Scientific Research. 

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