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    ICT, Agriculture Ministers Open ICT, Post Projects in Sharqiya

    Sharqiya , 12 March 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy and the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ayman Farid Abou-Hadid and sharqeya Governor Said Abdel Aziz inaugurated today a number of new projects in areas of ICT and post in Sharqeya governorate.

    This comes in line with implementing the cabinet’s plan to achieve the roadmap goals like providing services for citizens in all state sectors, as well as stabilizing the country, thus attracting more investments, providing job opportunities and resuming work.

    Both Ministers started the tour accompanied by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) Acting Chairman, Heba Saleh. The tour began with launching Agriculture Tech project at El-Mounir village, as part of ITI role - affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) - to qualify professional calibers.

    The project is a success story of ITI, adopting a policy of mixing training and innovative application. It serves all concerned parties in the agriculture loop including farmers, agriculture guides, agriculture association managers, crops traders, through a number of techniques and technological concepts in the project as an integrated technology knowledge system for the agriculture working cycle in the Egyptian villages.

    The project presents four main services to farmers in all agriculture stages, as follows:
    - The service guides farmers implanting strawberry crop that the village is quite famous for. This helps them recognize the best tools to fight pesticides and to learn new culture practices. It provides an efficient tool for constant communication between  guides and farmers through the use of e-learning techniques
    - The service automates transactions of farmers with the association where they can get acquainted with agriculture plans for the different seasons, it also helps managers of the association to register lands data and crops
    - The service provides an advanced system for agricultural supervisors to verify crop data provided by farmers through a picture taken by a smart phone or a tablet for the crop with land coordinates
    - It links farmers to traders and markets; it helps farmers to put crops on sale to help traders browse the supply and bid on crops put for sale
    The tour included the inauguration of Telecom Egypt customer care at Menya El-Kameh central after modernization. The center provides various advanced services like receiving requests, contracts for new lines, selling features, local, mobile and international calls, telegraphs, information on bills, collection of bills, selling pre-paid cards. The customer care in Abu-Kebeer provides ADSL services for the governorate.

    Helmy and Abdel Aziz inaugurated Menya El-Kameh customer care center after renovation, accompanied by the deputy chief executive officer for areas affairs Refaat Geneidy, and deputy commercial chief executive officer for communications and housing clients Ahmed Osama.

    The center offers a number of advanced services such as receiving requests, issuing contracts for new lines and selling additional features. This is in addition to making local and international calls, telegraph services, bill inquiry and collection, prepaid cards and other modern services. Representatives of TE Data are available in the center to provide ADSL services for citizens.

    Helmy also visited Mashtoul El-Sook central and the international calls center there. He got acquainted with the working system and met with employees, urging them to exert more efforts to improve quality of services provided to citizens. It is worth mentioning that the number of centrals in Sharqeya reached 125 centrals and the number of subscribers are around 506293.

    Helmy and Abdel Aziz also inaugurated Mashtoul El-Sook new post office, accompanied by Ashraf Gamal Eldin, Egypt Post chairman.

    The new office is a 105 square meters equipped with five  windows linked to the e-network of Egypt Post; and eight employees to deliver post services. It provides most services including saving accounts, golden, silver current accounts and pensions.

    It serves five thousand clients for saving accounts, 1100 beneficiaries for pensions and provides the equivalent of 500 money transfer monthly to its customers.

    This was followed by the inauguration of the technology home and the training locations affiliated to the “Agriculture” and “Asr Gedid” associations. The Ministers got acquainted with the most important training programs for youth, the role of information technology (IT) applications and tools to develop their skills.
    The number of technology homes reached more than 126 spread nationwide with focus on deprived, marginalized and distanced areas.   

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