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    MCIT, MoE Celebrate the Completion of Education Development Projects

    Cairo, 19 March 2014

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) celebrated the completion of some projects under the umbrella of the cooperation protocol signed between both sides.

    These projects include the development of advanced vocational schools using ICT tools. This reflects the Stateís keenness to activate ICT tools role in the development of education in all phases especially the vocational education. This comes as part of the plan to strengthen the technical education and vocational training  through using ICT systems.

    Increasing cooperation between MCIT and MoE was raised during the ceremony, in order to answer the students and teachers requirements.

    A large number of students inventions and new ideas relying on the IT tools were showcased during the event.

    These inventions are to serve the different fields of industry: rationalize water consumption using virtual labs to solve the problem of wasted and leaked water, especially in the government institutions, public areas, schools and households.

    This requires the use of TINA program as a platform to save time, effort and money in manufacturing electronic circuits, as the idea of a water tap relies on creating an electronic valve to automatically control the entrance and exit of water.

    Another project was showcased. It aims at adjusting the metro door to solve the overvoltage on the metro system and avoid current defects as any individual can easily open the door and disrupt the metro circulation.

    The solution relies on a simulation program of the design and implementation of the doors working system, so that the door opens diagonally not straight using an air-signal valve instead of electric valves.

    The protocol targets students and teachers in vocational schools in addition to the larger community surrounding these schools.

    Educational curricula and ICT infrastructure were renovated in ten advanced vocational schools, besides building the human capacity activities undertaken there.

    Moreover, companies and entities highlighted their participation in the project, as well as the role of the virtual labs in developing the skills of graduates (generating inventions in schools).

    MCIT finally accomplished several clauses of the protocol including:
    - The Egyptian Portal for Technical Education (http://www.ict4tes.com)
    - Technology infrastructure of the project
    - Virtual labs
    - Digital channel to showcase the audio-visual educational content

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