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    MCIT, MOI Sign Cooperation Protocol

    Cairo, 14 April 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy witnessed today the signing of a joint cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI), represented by the Central Traffic Department.

    This comes within the framework of the Stateís endeavors to improve the government sector, especially traffic in view of its impact on the State, citizens and society. It is also due to overpopulation and urban expansion, in addition to the increasing commercial and industrial activities, leading to excessive demand on transportation, traffic between different areas inside cities.

    These factors resulted in the crowdedness of most roads and streetsí networks and caused more complications of movement between some parts of the city. With the same persisting elements, traffic will continue to be a ticking bomb unless the problem is countered.

    Pertaining effective and safe means of transportation, within and between cities as well as streaming traffic flow have, therefore, become  major challenges in order to alleviate pressure on citizens.

    MCIT, consequently, has been working hand in hand with the Central Traffic Department -through this protocol - to improve traffic services through the use of ICTs, thus increasing communication and interactivity with citizens, and facilitating measurements to provide services to citizens.

    Helmy said that the protocol aimed to activate ICT and use technology systems in the traffic sector and make services more accessible nationwide. This is in addition to ensuring quick response to emergencies, supporting decision-makers, improving working system and services management inside the traffic department.

    According to Helmy, in the beginning of May 2014, the e-payment center will be inaugurated, in cooperation with the general prosecution, MoI and MCIT to provide all facilities to fully benefit from the traffic services and issue licenses to citizens with the possibility to deliver at home, saving time and effort.

    The protocol consists of developing a traffic e-portal, as the development process depends on allowing information on the traffic status and main streets traffic rate. This would help citizens to determine its trajectory and avoid crowded places through documented information of the traffic department. The  information can be collected automatically through cameras, mobile traffic agents and integrated database at the Central Traffic Department to report roads status using mobile tablets, and through mobile networks.

    The e-portal contributes to the development of services and improve communication with citizens through introducing new tools.

    The protocol stated that a traffic communications center would be implemented starting with a pilot project to receive reports, inquiries of citizens and directly communicate with citizens and their suggestions and complaints.

    This ensures quality of services and accessibility to citizens, increasing communication with them through introducing new tools and speeding measures, as well as the detection of problems and major vulnerabilities.

    The protocol was signed by MCIT First Undersecretary and Head of Minister Bureau and Administrative Development Sector Magdy Hegazy and the General Department of Traffic manager Medhat Kereitem.

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