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    ICT, Education Ministers Witness Technical Learning e-Portal Ceremony

    Cairo, 8 May 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy and the Minister of Education Mahmoud Abu Al-Nasr witnessed today the ceremony organized by the Ministry of Education in the occasion of receiving and managing the Egyptian technical learning e-portal (www.ict4tes.com). The ceremony was attended by executive leaders in both ministries.

    This reflects the governmentís interest to activate the use of ICT tools to develop education throughout all phases and types and increase cooperation between ministries in different fields to answer the needs of both students and teachers.

    The e-portal represents a link between learning and job market. It also represents an essential tool for communication among technical schools graduates. It provides a virtual society including the technical sector members: teachers, students, graduates and businessmen in addition to training centers.

    The e-portal works on improving the technical education and professional training through the use of ICT systems, knowing that beneficiaries represent teachers and industrial schools students in addition to the larger community related to schools.

    The e-portal management was transferred to the Ministry of Education and is operated by the data unit offered by MCIT in order to serve technical education  (industrial, agricultural and commercial).

    This helps in narrowing the gap between the job market needs and technical education, providing space for students to practice experiments they need and providing a forum for teachers and students to chat and discuss issues of interest and transfer expertise in different fields of technical education.

    The new portal includes databases of technical schools, training centers, companies, factories, available vacancies with required experience, in addition to services like library of references, technical education applications, digital books library, technical education channel, news and events, and educational forum.

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