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    MCIT Answers ICT Chamber Tender 1 for 2013 Petition to Implement Automated System for Azhar University Hospitals

    Cairo, 4 June 2014

    An official source of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has stated that the ministry replied to the petition presented by the ICT chamber president and the president of the health working group in the chamber, regarding public tender no. 1 for 2013 for the implementation, hosting and management of an integrated central system to automate, operate, maintain and renew Al-Azhar hospital and the group of Bab El-Sheria University hospitals,  affiliated to Al-Azhar.

    The reply was as follows:

    Activating the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Al-Azhar University, tender 1 was released  for 2013 regarding the development, automation and management of hospitals of Al-Azhar University.

    Six groups of Egyptian companies working in the field of information system applied for the tender. In line with the type of activities required by the tenderís terms and conditions--not limited to automating and management system of hospitals--the tender included a clear clause in page 5 allowing cooperation between a number of companies (alliance) under the condition of having a legal representative (main contractor) to the same alliance who would be financially and legally responsible before MCIT and Al-Azhar while identifying roles and responsibilities of each company.

    This is out of MCIT keenness to allow the opportunity before a large number of companies participating in implementing the projects.

    The concerned committee, formed of Al-Azhar and MCIT technical members and experts, opened envelops and evaluated submitted offers. The technical evaluation resulted in the acceptance of two technical offers presented by 2 alliances while 4 which did not conform with the technical specifications listed in the terms and conditions of the tender were rejected; therefore, no technical offers were withdrawn.

    MCIT announced in many occasions its willingness to launch such tender relying on new working models; for example, payment for service, in addition to the necessity of conforming with international criteria and measurements that applicants must respect, such as web-based applications, LDAP, mobile health applications (mhealth).

    The tender, therefore, is a start to guide the Egyptian software industry in the field of health towards conformity with international criteria and measurements; as well as boosting local companies and the Egyptian market to keep pace with the international technology advancement and compete on local, regional and international levels.

    MCIT, accordingly, considers this tender a real support to the IT industry in Egypt in general and to Egyptian companies working in health information system in particular, a matter that matches with its strategy to develop local demand, encourage Egyptian companies in the field as long as offers submitted conform with required standards to undertake such a kind of tenders.

    In line with the great consent among health bodies and institutions, cooperation is currently underway to launch a series of similar tenders which require more efforts from the ICT chamber to call companies for more proactivity and consensus with the required systems and specifications.   

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