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    ICT Minister Opens Critical Care Medicine Department Project

    Cairo, 5 June 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology has inaugurated the technology development project for the critical care medicine department in Cairo University’s medicine school.

    The project is the fruit of a cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Cairo University hospitals to activate the use of ICTs. Both parties signed a cooperation protocol in July 2008 and its articles were completed by July 2010.

    The protocol aimed at supporting development in the critical care medicine department in Al-Qasr Al-Ainy by means of equipping the technological infrastructure of the department, activating the use of hospital management’s programs and applications to store patients’ medical data, thus enhancing the quality of services provided to citizens and utilizing stored information in scientific research.

    Accordingly, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) established an internal information network of the department sections to provide servers, laptops and printers in order to establish an information system for the hospital management, operating management applications of the e-medical patients files.

    Thanks to these efforts, the citizen should see a remarkable improvement in the critical care medical services, in addition to benefiting from the available information for research and improving treatment.

    Based on the successful protocol in 2008, and the Critical Care Medicine department willingness to develop the hospital’s blood bank, Helmy signed with Gaber Nassar, Cairo University president a cooperation protocol  to extend the integration of an IT system in the critical care department and blood bank in Kasr Al-Ainy new educational hospital.

    The new protocol aims to maximize the ICT role to support the development of hospitals thanks to advanced technology, in an attempt to improve services management, simplify business cycle, as well as facilitate procedures for critical care visitors.

    This is through the renewal of the technology infrastructure of the department, operating applications of payment system in exchange for service, establishing an archiving system for x-ray through full integration with the hospitals management applications, develop an archiving system for medical files prior to 1982 and establish a teleconference system.

    The 2-year protocol includes updating Kasr Al-Ainy new educational hospital blood bank through updating the technology infrastructure and operating a management applications and security system.

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