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    Joint Agreement to Provide Cloud Computing Services to Private, Public Sectors

    Cairo, 13 July 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology witnessed today the signing of a joint protocol between TE Data, affiliated to Telecom Egypt and  Automation Consultants, an ILA Holdings to provide cloud computing application services in the Egyptian market.

    The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by CEO Telecom Mohamed Al-Nawawy, Automation Consultants Executive Chairman Mahmoud El Dessouky, and in the presence of ILA group Chairman Saad al Barrak.

    According to the agreement, the two companies offer cloud computing applications to government and private sectors in different fields, to answer the needs of many sectors.

    TEdata data center, insured against any breakthroughs or robberies, will host the technology applications. Automation Consultants will provide technical support for applications and customers.

    Helmy has said that cloud computing industry is one of MCIT strategic priorities during the coming period, and that investments for the implementation of the cloud computing strategy are expected to oscillate from 15 to 18 billion EGP during the next seven years.
    He has affirmed that cloud computing plays an important role to achieve a quantum leap in IT and strongly positions Egypt on the world’s map of this industry.

    Hemy has added that the Ministry adopts cloud computing as part of the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIEC) priorities, therefore, it works on spreading awareness about the new technology and preparing new calibers. This is due to its high capacity to provide maximum technology efficiency to store, manage and analyze information in the world, in parallel with the proportional growth of the industry.

    The ICT minster has said that the cabinet of ministers approved last  Wednesday MCIT financing and implementing the first cloud computing project at the governmental bodies, which represents a large step towards achieving the digital society in all walks of life, thus opening opportunities for mega investments in technology applications and sectors, providing more job opportunities and supporting small and medium industries.

    The group of applications adopted by the agreement includes management of the human resources, mobile human resources, assets follow-up, fleets follow-up, libraries, newspapers archive, manuscripts, e-archive, business and documents flow, training centers and maintenance.

    Telecom Egypt CEO Mohamed El Nawawy has stressed on the importance of the MoU between TEData and Automation Consultancy in view of its role to support SMEs which are not capable to afford large investments cost to help them through cloud computing applications and launch their business and thus boost the national economy in this phase.

    Automation Consultancy CEO Mahmoud EL Dessouky has referred to the positive impact for this agreement. He said that it was about time to make different sectors and industries benefit from cloud computing to maximize benefits based on using this technology like lowering the investment cost and flexibility, freedom of movement and accelerated application of systems.

    Cloud computing is a new worldwide technology trend that helps different organizations and entities to provide the highest IT efficiency in a way to enable those entities save, manage and analyze information  worldwide depending on its speeding growth. The new technology reflects a new model to consume IT services, exposure and means to deliver it. 

    Cloud computing offers storing, data exchange, use of software, experimentation, security and identity as online services. Therefore, MCIT places cloud computing, data centers and integrated solutions on top of its priorities on the international agenda for ICT issues.
    Within the same context, a number of MoUs were signed with different entities in Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore to share expertise and ensure readiness of the Egyptian calibers to keep pace with the new industry.

    Cloud computing largely lower business costs by providing a model of “pay-per- use”; it also highlights the professional management of infrastructure. This model will change IT use worldwide in the near future.

    This new methodology is spreading out as a solution among businesses since it proved to have positive and efficient impacts. Cloud Computing has great potentials, increases revenues, expands business and extends to other vital sectors.

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