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    ICT Minister Meets EMC Egypt Center of Excellence Youth

    Cairo, 4 December 2014

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy has met with innovative youth of EMC Egypt Center of Excellence-the second in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and the first in the MENA region.

    The Egyptian Young calibers provide advanced technical services like consultancies, technology solutions designs, project management and advanced logistics.

    Meeting with EMC executives, Helmy discussed the quality process that distinguishes the company in different ICT fields, as well as new consultancies that the company intends to pump-up in the Egyptian market during the coming period.

    They also discussed job opportunities for Egyptian youth in this field, as well as learning about the companyís strategy to empower Egyptian companies, thus building IT infrastructure and use the new generation of mobiles, big data, social media and cloud computing techniques.

    In this context, Helmy has assured that the cloud computing industry is a main priority of ICT sector and that its applications play a major role in achieving advancement in the ICT world and position Egypt on the global map of this promising industry.

    MCIT adopts the cloud computing concept, raising awareness about it and developing qualified calibers in this domain, he added.

    The ICT minister has praised the role EMC center of excellence plays in the Egyptian market in the field of cloud computing, in which 750 Egyptian young specialists currently work. This number is to reach 1000 by 2016.

    Helmy has referred to the cloud computing use in the Egyptian market in line with the Egyptian Cabinet assignments to MCIT to implement the first government cloud computing project to provide infrastructure services, databases and applications.

    This will lead to advancing towards achieving the digital economy especially that this industry welcomes major investments in all sectors and technology applications, creates more jobs for youth and supports small and medium industries.

    Since its inauguration in 2009, EMC has witnessed a series of successes; for example, empowering the technology business in the region through nine laboratories in a number of Egyptian universities (Helwan, Ain-Shams, Cairo, Menoufeya, Mansoura, Al-Azhar, Benha, Assiut, and other private universities); signing cooperation agreements in education with the Ministry of Higher Education; and training more than 3000 students in 48 engineering and computer sciences faculties nationwide.

    This is meant to strengthen the development of ICT resources and open new horizons for the cloud computing education and analysis and storage of big data, as well as strengthening innovation, research applications in the local and regional markets.

    The President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Enterprise Services, Howard D. Elias has said that EMC has taken strategic steps to ensure that its customers will joy of the mobile and big data  and applications and technologies based on clouds.

    This strategy, supported by infrastructure and calibers of this leading well-developed industry, helps in becoming a partner by choice for customers in different regions because they seek to adopt new challenges. He has expressed his content towards meeting Helmy and his visit to Egypt in light of the technology advancement Egypt is witnessing.

    EMC officials have ascertained the companyís focus on investment in infrastructure, human capital and universitiesí programs, social activities and innovation and common research, in addition to benefiting from resources and technical skills in the Egyptian market in development processes.

    EMC supports its customers in the global markets through these investments and contribution to lift the ICT growth in Egypt. This is in addition to its leadership in infrastructure of data center, cloud computing and big data storage and analysis, content management, cyber-security. It also seeks to help shape IT trends in the MENA markets through its presence in the Egyptian market.

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