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    Developing e-Content through Cooperation Agreement with Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    Cairo, 24 December 2014
    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy and Bibliotheca Alexandrina Director sign a joint agreement to develop the e-content services.

    This comes within the framework of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina interest in adopting new technology to build multidisciplinary e-content to be used in different educational and cultural frames, in addition to the digital services for scientific research.

    BA acquired a great experience in digitization during the last ten years, through building the Arab digital library including hundreds of thousands of books and establishing e-archives of historical and scientific material in addition to scientific research.

    The 5-year agreement uses expertise of both parties to plan and implement a number of national and international projects, maximize the benefits of the digital services allowed by BA, enlarge the scale of services especially those targeting children and youth, activate ICT technologies to empower interaction with digitized scientific material to enrich references for academics, facilitate access to scientific programs and encyclopedias.

    This is in addition to the role of the agreement to activate the National Digital Arabic Content Strategy and enrich innovative content, develop tools used in living languages software, as well as to strengthen efforts in scanning the archeological sites in cooperation with the concerned bodies and holding partnerships to develop R&D, cooperate in initiatives to protect heritage in different entities through digitization, and maximize benefits of the BA expertise in digitization of documents, photos, maps, movies and audio material among other things.

    The production of digital content and applications has become a major activity. Therefore, many countries of which comes Egypt set strategies to develop this activity in order to improve production, distribution and marketing of the digital content and its applications on both local and international levels.

    Therefore, the digital content development is a main MCIT priority. Since its revival in 2002, BA has adopted the multi-digital production out of its message as a center of excellence to produce and spread knowledge as a tool to face the digital era challenges.

    This is why BA showed interest in applying new technologies to establish a multi-disciplinary digital content to be used in educational and cultural frames, in addition to digital services for scientific research.

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