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    ICT Minister Opens “Tech Invest 3” Conference

    Cairo, 11 June 2019

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat opened, today, “Tech Invest 3” annual conference, organized by the Digital Economy and Technology General Division (DETGD) of the Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce (FEDCOC), under the theme “Invest in Egypt Future – Digital Economy”.

    The opening was attended by FEDCOC Chairman Ahmed el-Wakil, DETGD Chairman Khalil Hassan Khalil, Chairman of the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) Essam Al-Saghir, Acting CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) Hala El Gohary, a number of officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), other banks, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MSMEDA), international funding agencies, IT investors, heads of chambers of commerce nationwide, finance and business leaders, and over 300 technology companies.

    MCIT is reaping the fruits of implementing its strategy, stated Talaat in his inaugural speech. He added that the ICT sector achieved the highest growth rates, according to the recently issued reports on the economic indicators of the current fiscal year. Growth rates exceeded 15%, and reached 18% in one of the reports.

    Talaat said that MCIT strategy is based on several pillars, the most important of which is establishing a strong and broad base of skilled calibers in modern ICTs, to come up with effective technological solutions to overcome challenges in all aspects of life, and compete in local and global markets.

    The ICT Minister also presented the major initiatives and projects carried out to achieve this purpose, including establishing eight innovation hubs and branches for training institutes, affiliated to MCIT, inside eight universities, to provide graduates and undergraduates specialized training courses and innovation promotion programs.

    Moreover, Talaat said that MCIT is in the process of creating “Maharatech”, a digital academy to provide lectures of more than 100 hours by specialized experts in nine ICT fields. This is in addition to implementing Fekretak Sherketak initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MIIC), through which youth exceptional ideas are incubated and transformed into successful businesses.

    In addition, the Knowledge City is being established in the New Administrative Capital, including a number of training institutes and specialized academies in capacity building, to provide various training programs to young people, starting next year.

    Furthermore, Talaat said that the transformation into a digital society is currently under way. The second half of this year will witness transforming Port Said city into the first digital city in Egypt as a pilot project. In addition, 25 key e-government services will be launched successively, through a number of platforms including EG Gate e-portal, mobile applications, Egypt Post offices, and call centers, to ensure access of all segments of society to these e-services.

    The ICT Minister added that a number of digital projects is currently being implemented, including the health insurance project, automation of tax system, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, and development of investment zones. In addition, the first integrated Atlas for managing Ministry of Awqaf assets and rationalizing its resources was recently launched, as well as a number of government services, in collaboration with the state sectors.

    Talaat stated that modern technology is being introduced, and that MCIT has concluded developing the national strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for the next three years, with identifying the areas to focus on for harnessing AI techniques, and the various experiences required in this field.

    Moreover, Talaat added that MCIT seeks cooperation with a number of countries including China, Russia, Japan, Rwanda, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates, in areas including cybersecurity, AI, integrated software, and data science. This provides ICT startups and creative young people in Egypt with a great opportunity to work and expand business in regional and global markets, especially in Africa.

    On his part, FEDCOC Chairman Ahmed el-Wakil acknowledged the significance of e-services, benefiting 4.5 million merchants nationwide. He added that FEDCOC is currently working on updating the business databases through connecting chambers of commerce with the state institutions, including the Ministry of Finance, Tax Authority, and Customs Authority, to put the e-payment system into effect and issue secured e-certificates, thus achieving financial inclusion and a non-monetary economy.

    Furthermore, Khalil, DETGD Chairman, asserted that the Division is keen on organizing Tech Invest conference on annual basis, because of its great importance to the ICT sector in general, and to DETGD member companies in particular. He added that the event addresses key issues of interest to the state, including digital transformation, e-commerce, fintech, participatory economy, digital media, and digital health.

    In addition, the ICT Minister took a tour in the exhibition held on the sidelines of the conference. He explored the major projects implemented by the participating companies, and hailed the youth’s creative and exceptional ideas that represent innovative solutions in various sectors.

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