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    Commercial Registry Offices, Notary Offices Development Projects to be Implemented in 2 Months

    Cairo, 7 May 2015
    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Khaled Negm has saidóin his speech during the eleventh annual conference held by Etisal Association under the minsterís auspicesóthat improving telecom and internet services in Egypt are on his top priority list, in cooperation with Egyptís four telecom companies.

    He has added that allowing the largest number of citizens to access internet by providing distinguished service at a low cost is the target of the ICT sector.

    Negm has expressed his enthusiasm for the coming period and talked about key events since he held the post, most important of which is the sectorís participation with a bundle of projects in Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) held in Sharm el-Sheikh.

    He has said that in the coming two months, two of those projects are to be implemented. They are developing commercial registry offices with the cooperation of the ministry of supply and internal trade, and the automation of notary offices in cooperation with the ministry of justice and the supreme committee for cooperation with the private sector affairs at the council of ministers.

    The ICT minister has also said that the state is paying close attention to the information security issue. On the local level, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has prepared a draft law for cybercrime.

    On the regional level, a paperwork was put forward at the Arab ICT Council of Ministers Meeting held in Beirut. On the international level at the Hague conference, an Egyptian paperwork was put forward that aims to counter cybercrimes by coordinating and cooperating with different countries and stakeholders on the regional and global levels and taking appropriate measures to combat those crimes.

    In the IT field, the ICT minister has praised the role the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) plays in supporting and developing the ICT sector by opening new partnerships with international and local companies, as well as civil society organizations.

    ITIDA organized two conferences where international specialized companies were present, in the framework for attracting global investments. Negm has said the Egypt is in its way to retrieve its global leadership in the field of outsourcing and IT service exporting, relying on youth high technical and language skills in the fields of outsourcing.

    Moreover, the ICT minister has praised the role played by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) in qualifying Egyptian youth for the job market. He has marked the pilot operation for part of the Ismailia branch of the institute to support citizens in the Canal and Sinai, offer particular specializations to support logistic services and provide qualified human calibers to serve the new Suez Canal project, thus attracting global investments.

    For his part, Eitesal Chairman Hazem El Tahawy has said that their strategy is to turn the association to be the main drive for developing and promoting the ICT sector by means of setting and implementing a strategy to develop the ICT industry in Egypt and improve work environment for members by promoting its key businesses locally and internationally.

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