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    ICT Minister Witnesses NU Graduation Ceremony for New Batch of Bachelor, Master Students

    Cairo, 9 July 2019

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Amr Talaat, Chairman of NU Board of Trustees Dr. Amr Mousa, and NU President Dr. Tarek Khalil attended the NU graduation ceremony of the seventh patch of bachelor’s degree holders and the eleventh patch of master’s degree holders. The ceremony was also attended by former ministers, members of NU board of trustees, and a large number of NU professors, students, and families of the graduates.
    In his speech, Dr. Talaat affirmed that the current reality and the rapid developments of technology and its applications impose new challenges that require increased education and abilities to learn continuously in order to keep pace with these developments. He also pointed out that the Fourth Industrial Revolution totally differs from the previous three industrial revolutions in terms of its nature, transformation, and the rapid adoption of sciences and technologies by humanity. Dr. Talaat also mentioned that it took 75 years to reach 50 million users of landline telephones in the 19th century, while to reach the same number of users, it only took 24 months with the advent of Facebook, 19 months after the launch of Instagram, and 19 days after the release of Pokémon Go game application. This shows how fast users respond to new technologies.

    Dr. Talaat also indicated that the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformations would affect the number of jobs available to man in light of the increased reliance on technology. He also mentioned that in the Third Industrial Revolution reliance on machines formed 29% versus 71% of reliance on human, while in the Fourth Industrial Revolution reliance on machines increased to 58% and reliance on human declined to 42%. Dr. Talaat stressed that despite the concerns raised by technology, it also creates great promising opportunities for those who have the necessary skills to keep pace with labor market requirements whereas it is expected that the new technology would create 133 million jobs.

    Dr. Talaat added that the opportunities provided by the electronic commerce system in France reached one million and two hundred thousand jobs in different areas, such as web design, cyber security, electronic payment, and designing and establishing programs and systems based on new technologies like the block chain and others; in return this caused the loss of 500 thousand traditional jobs.

    In conclusion, Dr. Talaat called upon the graduates to pursue higher education to develop and improve their skills and increase their experiences, as this forms the main pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in order to keep pace with the requirements of technology developments.

    For his part, the NU President Dr. Khalil thanked the MCIT that played a key role in the establishment of the NU as part of the national plan to transfer, support and develop new technologies in Egypt. He pointed out that the NU is one of the prestigious universities as it belongs to the fourth generation, not only in Egypt but also in the world. This type of universities adopts four basic components: quality education, scientific research, entrepreneurship as well as community service and preservation of a sustainable environment. In the process of the implementation of this ambitious plan, the NU succeeded in providing a foundation for this plan and started its application at all fronts. Dr. Khalil added that the NU supports a large number of researchers and MA and PhD students in different areas of advanced technology who work in various research centers established by the NU under the supervision of experienced, outstanding professors of advanced applied scientific research. He also added that the NU focuses on the learning culture and promotes skills development on the basis of competency based learning and encourage the use of scientific methods in thinking and scientific methodology.

    It is worth noting that the NU’s professors and students published 215 researches and had 2932 citations in the international journal of Scopus last year; this put the NU among the top three universities in Egypt in terms of number of published researches compared to the number of teaching staff. The NU researchers work hard to find practical solutions for the problems of agriculture, energy, transportation, traffic, industry, and the 4G applications, such as artificial intelligence, information security and analytics, smart cities, communication networks and internet of things.

    The NU also adopted through its research center for innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness the “Nile Pioneers” initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt to be a nucleus for spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and support small and medium-sized enterprises everywhere in Egypt. 

    Moreover, The NU opened contact channels and supported students’ research projects to provide services for companies and institutions. It also established service centers and incubators for entrepreneurs under the auspices of the Egyptian banks in order to encourage the promising young people to achieve their dreams of establishing their own companies and to promote import substitution and increase exports.

    In addition, the ceremony witnessed the graduation of 83 university students and 52 master’s degree holders. The students also presented a documentary film in which they expressed their future dreams and aspirations and how the NU supported them during their education career.

    The graduation ceremony was coincided with the announcement of the results of High School 2019 in an attempt by the NU to introduce its scientific and educational outputs to the student community.

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