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    ICT, Health Ministers Discuss Technology Use in Health System Development

    Cairo, 10 November 2015

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady has, at his office in Smart Village, met with the Minister of Health and Population Ahmed Emad El-Din, where they discussed joint cooperation projects and means of developing health system through using ICT tools.

    During the meeting, the two parties agreed on developing six hospitals and setting-up applications for databases of blood banks and intensive care units. An awareness diabetes campaign is to be launched on the World Diabetes Day (WDD) this month using mobile phone applications, in collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Microsoft and mobile companies in Egypt. The Ministry of Health and Population (MHP) will send awareness messages to educate citizens via mobile phones after preparing the message content. This is in addition to launching other five campaigns, during the current year, to raise awareness of various diseases, on top of which is hepatitis C virus.

    Both parties agreed to start a project on using IT techniques in the implementation of an integrated system that helps to reduce waiting lists of heart surgery patients, which will be attained through  community active participation to finance those in need and in collaboration with civil society organizations (CSOs).

    ElKady stated that MCIT has development plans to be implemented through Public Private Partnerships (PPP). The plans include the preparation of a unified smart card for each citizen via the national identification number (ID). The smart card will include all the services that the citizen receives, whether health services or those related to subsidies and other services.

    Moreover, the plans include establishing a database for the health system including diseases, the number of patients and a geographic network for all health services providers in Egypt. Training human calibers working in the health system is included as well in MCIT development plans.

    For his part, Emad El-Din underlined the significance of IT techniques as the main driver for the progress of societies, indicating the need to build partnerships with civil society in the development processes. He reviewed the most important requirements for developing health system through technological solutions.

    Development processes include establishing a unified database, nationwide, for the intensive care units, blood banks, hepatitis C virus analysis laboratories. This is in addition to issuing a card for each patient contains data of all the procedures he has taken since registering his entry to the hospital passing through screening, analyses and tests conducted by the patient, and in the case of death, the reason of death is enlisted within his database.

    The ICT Infrastructure Director at MCIT Khaled El Attar also tackled, during the meeting, joint cooperation projects between the two ministries and achievements made during the last period, reviewing the key challenges, proposed solutions and future plans as well as the activities of the national project of combating liver viruses.

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