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    ICT, Education and Technical Education Ministers Discuss Using Technological Solutions in Improving Educational Process

    Cairo, 21 December 2015

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady has met with the Minister of Education and Technical Education El-Helaly El-Sherbiny, where they discussed means of boosting joint cooperation in finding technological mechanisms necessary to fight online cheating and developing the educational process through the use of ICT tools.

    The meeting was attended by a number of executive seniors from the two ministries. During the meeting, the two parties agreed to form working groups composed of members from the two ministries to study the joint cooperation projects and mechanisms in accordance with the plans set out.

    They also agreed to cooperate in organizing the preparations for student participation in the robotics competition, providing the training necessary for them and doubling the number of participating schools to reach 60 schools.

    ElKady underlined the importance of cooperation and coordination between the two ministries especially in light of the role ICTs play in developing the educational system.

    He added that technology is able to provide positive opportunities for the development of society, however there are some challenges which urge us to provide appropriate solutions to meet them. He also reviewed the available technological mechanisms through which online cheating in schools can be confronted.

    The ICT Minister added that the two ministries will work jointly according to a long-term strategic plan, aiming at developing the educational process. Work will be divided into phases according to priorities set out.

    He also highlighted the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) readiness to provide support for outstanding students in the areas of creativity and innovation, and help them to participate in international competitions.

    For his part, El-Sherbiny seconded MCIT efforts to provide technological solutions for the challenges facing the society, underlining the significance of cooperation between the two ministries in confronting online cheating and developing the educational process using modern technologies.

    During the meeting, the strategic plan submitted by MCIT has been reviewed to develop a technological integrated framework for improving the educational process.

    The framework is based on the study and evaluation of international successful experiences in this area with the aim of improving student cognitive and educational skills through developing an interactive content, providing smart learning tools and enhancing methods of evaluation and education via technological participation.

    Moreover, an educational platform model "e-store" has been reviewed to contribute to the transformation of unidirectional education to multidirectional education via developing an e-store for electronic educational contents. The store contributes to re-engineering the work cycle of building, adopting and providing standard educational objects.

    Teachers and students can re-use them more than once and in different forms in a variety of educational presentations. The store ensures managing intellectual property rights, licenses and competencies of stored educational resources.

    Moreover, the store enables learners and teachers to measure the level of educational progress, identify deficiencies and gaps in learnersí skills and receive supportive indicators at all levels. It also provides a set of analytical and statistical tools to measure utilization rates and predict future trends in the field of education, skill development and innovation.

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