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    Ministers of ICT, Justice, Planning Open Heliopolis Developed Notarization Office

    Cairo, 12 June 2016

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady, the Minister of Justice Mohamed Hossam Abdel-Rahim and the Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform Ashraf El-Araby opened, today, Heliopolis Developed Notarization Office through which automated notarization services will be provided to citizens.

    The development is within the framework of a joint cooperation protocol, signed between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Justice to develop notarization offices nationwide for the purpose of improving services provided to citizens in accordance with international standards.

    The project’s current phase aims at automating and developing about 50 notarization offices at an estimated cost of 40 million Egyptian pounds. Engineering development processes and business automation systems through the use of ICT applications were carried out in 10 notarization offices in Cairo to deliver better services for citizens.

    The developed notarization offices offer services using the latest IT systems and applications to replace manual journals with automated ones, implementing the Minister of Justice decrees No. 6199 of 2007 and No. 1703 of 2009. This will result in reducing the service time from 40 to 10 minutes on average. The number of automated notarization offices reaches 101 offices through which 170,000 transactions are conducted monthly.

    In this context, ElKady highlighted maintaining the development and modernization works within the framework of the comprehensive strategic plan, implemented by MCIT in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, in order to achieve the objective of transferring the society into a digital one and improve services provided to citizens through the effective use of technological solutions in all sectors of the State.

    The offices that have been developed during this phase include the notarization offices of Hawamdia, Kobba, Matria, Waili, Abu Nomros, Nasr City, Judges’ Club, State Council Judges’ Club and State Lawsuits Authority.

    Automating notarization offices aims to provide an integrated and coherent services to citizens at a high level of efficiency in all offices nationwide through electronic and automated preservation, collection and storage of all notarization dealings at the level of the Republic. It also aims to offer a range of outstanding services to the public through Internet and mobile phones applications. This is in addition to achieving more effective integration with other government entities to exchange information, such as courts, prosecution offices and police stations.

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