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    ICT Minister Chairs ENPO First New BoD Meeting

    Cairo, 28 March 2017
    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady has chaired the first meeting of the new Board of Directors (BoD) of the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO), in the presence of ENPO Chairman Essam El-Sageir.
    ElKady acknowledged efforts exerted by the former BoD, in cooperation with ENPO officials during the past period. He also commended the new BoD, wishing them continued success in implementing ENPO strategy that aims to provide more integrated financial and postal services to citizens nationwide.

    The ICT Minister said that Egypt Post, during the previous period, underwent significant development, shifting from a provider of just traditional postal services to a provider of financial inclusion services. He added that the wide geographically dispersed offices make Egypt Post eligible to assume this responsibility.

    The state is now transiting to the digital society, the ICT Minister said, relying on ICTs and technology applications in developing the work system in all the stateís organs and institutions through implementing key national initiatives such as creating and controlling citizensí unified databases to ensure the delivery of support to those most in need. This is in addition to the launch of technology parks nationwide, which provide thousands of job opportunities for young people, and contribute to the construction of technological communities.

    There are also other initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable development nationwide through using ICT tools, he added.

    ElKady also hailed the performance of ENPO staff who have worked hard over the past period to help the Organization regain its rightful place, adding that ENPO has high calibers. In this context, El-Sageir referred to the agreement struck with Visa International to raise the efficiency of the staff working in post offices, currently being developed, by providing them with special expertise and knowledge in the field of e-payment and financial education. A number of 200 employees were trained as a first phase. The training included basic information on the e-payment industry, products and various payment tools available in the Egyptian market and via Egypt Post.

    At the end of the meeting, ElKady highlighted the need to complete the plan of developing ENPO offices and raising efficiency, and adhere to the timetable agreed upon in this regard, to complete the development of 800 offices nationwide before this November.

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