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    Ministers of ICT, Health Open eHealth Conference

    Cairo, 14 May 2017

    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady and the Minister of Health and Population Ahmed Emad Eldin have inaugurated the eHealth Conference, held under the theme “Smart Health, Better Life”. The Conference is organized on May 14-15 by the Egyptian Information Telecom Electronics Software Alliance (EITESAL), in cooperation with the Egyptian Telemedicine Foundation, under the patronage of the ICT Minister, and in the presence of ICT sector and EITESAL senior officials.

    In his speech delivered at the opening session of the Conference, ElKady talked about the joint projects between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), the most important of which is the cooperation in establishing an information and technological infrastructure at MoHP. This is in addition to the citizen card project which will help in facilitating medical insurance services, in line with the issuance of the health insurance law.

    ElKady, in his speech, hailed the cooperation between MCIT and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which play a prominent role in promoting their activities nationwide and in various sectors of the State.

    For his part, the Minister of Health highlighted the significance of IT role in the health sector as a key element in the development of health services provided to citizens, pointing out to the areas of cooperation between the two ministries in automating the system of intensive care units and ambulances and creating the health insurance databases. He stated that MoHP is preparing a geographical map for the health sector in Egypt, that involves all health services in the country to determine the needs of citizens.

    The Conference aims to discuss business opportunities available through the use of technology to modernize health sector services, set a strategic vision and achieve the road map goals to modernize and develop health service provided by the State to Egyptian citizens nationwide. eHealth is the first ICT conference held to address community challenges to develop healthcare.

    The Conference entails several topics, including telehealth in modern healthcare: a challenge or an opportunity? telemedicine various applications, communications and its importance, telemedicine education, telemedicine economics and civil society role in these areas.

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