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    Women’s Health Outreach Program

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The project of the mobile health care unit for women sought to make a CT scan for women in Egypt over the age of forty-five for early discovery of breast cancer, in addition to raising preventive medical awareness and joying of the total health care.

    § Early detection and raising awareness about the three major diseases that women suffer from: breast cancer, hypertension, diabetes
    § Save time, effort and cut expenses due to the patient’s transportation to the treatment centers
    § Put an end to the isolation of doctors in long distanced areas, and help transfer the diagnostic experience and help them learn more 
    § Provide a map for the disease and database to help in decision-making 
    § Insert the remote diagnostics which is one of the main goals of the Ministry of Health in Egypt to introduce remote treatment practices

    § Operate mobile mammogram units nationwide
    § Ensure the diagnostics of more than 14 thousand individuals since the launching of the campaign in 2007
    § Establish an e-portal for the project to communicate and raise awareness among women 
    § Establish a call center and hotline 19507 
    § Organize a national campaign to fight the disease and open a bank account for donations (Banque Misr- Kasr El-Einy, account number: 19507) to maintain the sustainability of the service for free 
    § Expand the project in phase 2 to reach 10 mobile units in January 2011 and 11 hospitals

    § East Alexandria Hospital 
    § Radiology Center in Suez 
    § Mansoura International Hospital in Dakahlia 
    § Public Menshawy Hospital in Tanta, Gharbeya
    § Um El Masryeen, Giza 
    § Public Helwan Hospital, Helwan 
    § Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, 6th of October 
    § Public Assiut Hospital, Assiut 
    § Public Luxor Hospital, Luxor
    § Public Menouf Hospital, Menouf 

    Achievements in Mobile Applications: 
    Sending text messages to raise awareness among citizens about the services of the mobile units in different governorates, their locations and schedule 

    Achievements on the International level:
    § The project received an IT prize for African governments (TIGA) in 2009 for the improvement of health services using ICT tools 
    § The project was awarded the UN prize for public service in 2011 and 2013

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    An overview of the Women's Mobile Health Unit Project which aims at developing health services directed to women, especially in remote areas, through the effective utilization of e-health tools. The project is an outcome of a cooperation protocol signed in 2004 between the Ministry of Health and Population and that of Communications and Information Technology.

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