21 Sep 2020

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    National Network for Treatment at Expense of State

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The project saves patients time and effort by accelerating the treatment decisions from two months to 48 hours. SMS service has been introduced to follow-up on the requests for treatment without transmission to hospitals.

    Remote diagnosis is another service for citizens living in long distanced areas nationwide thanks to the teleconference tool allowing physicians to speak to the patients directly without the need to move to the main premises. This matter facilitates the decision- making. 

    Mediation is eliminated; patients no longer have to wait to get the service thanks to the new system allowing each citizen to get his rightful service. 

     The project allows to follow-up on the decisions and guarantees medicines disbursement full control. This is to ensure the subsidized medicines are delivered to the targeted groups. The project also ensures the unification of patients records using the national ID number. 

    Establish a national network for public health treatment through linking the specialized medical councils concerned with the issuing of decisions of treatment, at the hospitals and medical centers  
    Provide the alternative to present the requests from governorates specially in the long-distanced areas to alleviate citizens suffering 
    Follow-up on the treatment decisions implementation in order to organize the disbursement process in hospitals
    Support the scientific researcher and decision-makers

    Phase 1
    Equip an information center affiliated to the main project at the medical councils in Nasr City and establish a back-up exchange center at the premises of the Ministry of Health
    Linking 40 highly intensive branches in governorates via VPN, and 160 government hospitals nationwide
    Accelerate treatment decisions with an average of 5000 decrees per day and decrease the issuing time to 48 hours
    Provide remote diagnosis service in long distanced governorates through teleconference technique, issue decisions in order to save time and effort

    Phase 2
    Currently implemented: 
    Establish an automated system to follow-up on decisions once issued and to get the best out of them
    Use SMS to get information on the request status 
    Organize an e-archiving system of the documents 
    Maintain the main premises and the exchange centers of the project for a period of five years

    Action Plan: 
    Continue the automation of decisions process
    Develop the management of the requests attachments 
    Develop the mechanism for SMS use to help patients get information on their requests
    Provide technical support for the information system for a period of five years

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