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    League of Arab States

    Last Updated: 27 Jun 2019
    The League of Arab States is a regional organization of Arab nations that was established to draw closer the relations between members and coordinate collaboration between them to safeguard their independence and sovereignty and to consider their affairs and interests. Formed in Cairo in March 1945 by Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria, it now has 22 members.

    With an approach based on open communication and knowledge-sharing, Egypt plays a leading role in the Arab League’s ICT-related activities, including in the drafting of regional development models, such as those related to Arabic e-content.

    Egypt is also working with Arab League members to connect Arab internet networks, implement child online safety measures, manage registration of Arabic top-level domains, and establish a region-wide framework for e-signatures and electronic transactions.

    Egypt has served as president of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers (ATICM) and vice-president of the bureau.

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