24 Sep 2020

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    Illiteracy Eradication Initiative

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The Ministry of Local Development assisted in the initiative by gathering a database of illiterates including names, gender, age, and residence.

    The teaching of language and numeric literacy were combined with the basic steps of computer literacy, and couple this with the cost-effectiveness of modern technologies and Egypts illiteracy, the challenge stands a good chance of being successfully overcome.

    MCIT signed a protocol with the GALAE to provide facilitated courses for 20,000 people over the next two years at IT Clubs using the schemes special learning CDs.

    The two interactive CDs content was predominantly based on the GALAE curriculum for illiteracy eradication. The illiteracy eradication initiative ran primarily through IT clubs, but any organization can request the training if there are no IT Clubs nearby.


    provide simple and effective e-content to answer the needs of learning Arabic letters and words in addition to mathematics
    allow the content for the community individuals through IT clubs and internet through CDs


    MCIT, through the Illiteracy Eradication Initiative, trained 50 literacy instructors and facilitators to help illiterate people when they are first using IT Club computers.

    This assistance can be in the form of either courses or self-study from the CDs, and has established Training of Trainers program in fifteen governorates to service rising demand as the CDs become widely used during 2006 and beyond. The first CD was tested and evaluated during 2004, with pilots being organized by GALAE and the National Council of Women (NCW) in Qalubiya and Fayoum.

    These were evaluated internally and by the Social Research Center (SRC) of the American University in Cairo (AUC), and based on a comparison with six traditional illiteracy eradication classes in the same governorates it was apparent that retention rates were higher and learning was quicker by use of the CD based media.

    The second CD was tested during 2005, and since a contract was issued to commence large-scale production of the double CD. The CDs are available to all who need them at no charge.

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