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    AL-Azhar Specialized Hospital Automation and Development

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The project is based on the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Al-Azhar University in 5 March 2013. The project seeks to automate Al-Azhar Specialized Hospital through the Health Information System (HIS).

    The project seeks to develop the health care services in Al-Azhar hospitals relying on the latest IT techniques to support the health sector, build the information society to save time and efforts of citizens and employees in hospitals.

    This is through the use of IT tools to facilitate the extraction of indicators to support decision- making at superior management levels, improve the health services quality, ease the measurement to receive medical services, and limit the queues problem in hospitals. 

    § Establish the technology infrastructure through HIS
    § Facilitate measures for citizens 
    § Support decision-making
    § Establish the unified medical record 
    § Create the information and services exchange network 
    § Create a system to follow-up on chronic diseases using IT tools 

    Services to Citizens: 
    § Facilitate measures on citizens to receive the medical service
    § End up the queues in hospitals
    § Access the medical record in different locations

    The technology used in the project: 
    Information and services exchange network and data center to link hospitals. The project is to be generalized in all Al-Azhar hospitals nationwide and to offer the best service to citizens. 

    The project covers Cairo governorate.  

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