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    National Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute Operation Automation

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The project aims to develop the health services to patients through the development of the working system at the National Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute, through the improvement of the working system efficiency relying on different means: establishing a database of full details of the patients and creating a medical file for each patient.

    This necessitates the automation of the working system of the institute including main branch clinics, laboratories, storages and pharmacies, as well as the type of treatment whether free treatment or on the State’s expenses, gradually till the institute can rely completely on the new e-system.     

    § Establish a medical e-filing system for patients
    § Improve the health revenue for the patients
    § Allow a better surveillance system of resources, administrative and financial resources of the institute 
    § Facilitate research and studies of medical team and trainers 
    § Establish a national registry for diabetes patients including basic data of patients

    Launching the e-Portal of the National Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute
    An e-portal is launched to allow direct communication between the Institute and the patients. The e-portal raises awareness about the disease and allows important information for the citizen like the working hours of outpatient clinics, emergency cases, and internal departments. The service is available 24/7.

    It also allows tracking the patient movement to make the required analysis. It reveals the work cycle, medical services and examination at the outpatient clinics where the doctor specifies the required analysis.

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