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    Egyptian Ambulance Organization Development

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The development of the Egyptian Ambulance Organization starting in 2008 comes as a fruitful result of the joint cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Health and Population.

    The project aims to improve services provided by EAO to match global standards, in addition to automating administrative and accounting work to achieve the best exploitation of resources affiliated to the organization through updated IT systems. 

    Serving the citizens is one of the most important priorities of MCIT where the Ministry follows the Egyptian government policy to improve services in the way that matches today’s requirements through the use of IT tools.
    Improve Ambulance services:
    The project aims to provide EAO with applications and equipment to receive the services of ambulance, to send cars to the targeted area and improve the efficiency of the service, through: 

    § Improving the emergency service and complaints in governorates and different regions nationally, relying on a call center to receive citizens’ rescue calls by a team of professional and trained specialists
    § Filtering the calls and dealing with false alarms 
    § Registering the calls electronically on an application equipped with database to store the reports and transmit the calls vocally and electronically to the regional control zones to pursue the ambulance service till sending the car to the targeted zone 

    Automation of the EAO working system:
    The project aims to automate the working system at the organization as well as the regulations in order to facilitate its circulation, and to ease the follow-up on ambulance rooms and the management of the cars fleet, as well as enhancing the decision-making and increasing productivity and efficiency of the employees in the organization. 

    § Develop the follow-up and management of the cars fleet: this application aims to follow-up and manage the teams of work responsible for the cars and organize the shifts among them, follow-up on the regular maintenance of the cars, manage the ambulance control rooms, the diffusion of cars and help enhance the decision-making. 

    § Develop the human resources management system: it is an application to manage the human resources like employees, medics, drivers, assistants, administrators and technicians. This also facilitates the hiring process, vacations, bonuses, salaries in addition to providing a mechanism to evaluate the performance of the employees, registering the sign-in/sign-out system. 

    § Develop the archiving system: automating the documents and the circulation of In/Out letters of the main projects helps save time and efforts and increase work efficiency in any government entity. This system aims to automate the cycle of correspondences, provide an intranet through which posts and ads, a photo gallery and a questionnaire could be published. This intranet could be useful to identify the mission of each employee to follow- up on the delayed tasks and thus increase the efficiency and productivity of each individual, and finally, archive all documents electronically to save resources like papers, ink and storage areas.

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