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    Smart Schools Network

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The strategic objective of this project is to introduce modern methods of teaching and learning, using ICT to learn how to use computers, and learning through computers.


    § Prepare teachers and administrators to learn IT, and communications through a standardized internationally accepted curriculum using computers
    § Improve teaching and learning methods using computers as a means to learn school subjects
    § Improve the conditions of educational management and raising the efficiency of administrative performance by means of training teachers and administrators on how to use modern technology
    § Transform schools into a productive unit and a community learning center where all sorts of technological potentials are utilized to serve the society in the fields of ICT
    § Provide ICT services in a manner which meets the educational objectives in schools and the society around them


    Devices and equipment as follows:
    § Establish two computer labs in a network environment (21 computers in each lab)
    § Provide the library with 3 computers along with earphones for its visitors
    § Work in a network environment connected to the internet through cables running in labs and Wi-Fi in the library, classrooms, and the administration offices of the school


    § General training: Targets training employees (teachers and administrators) at school on IT and ICT for all the school staff as well as obtaining the ICDL certificates.
    § Special training for technicians: Includes training on maintenance of devices and equipment, operating networks, running databases, and qualifying high-performers in terms of undertaking school training tasks (i.e. Train the Trainers) along with (On-The-Job Training) for qualified calibers on IT specialist tasks.
    § Training teachers on the use of multimedia in terms of preparing educational content.
    § Training managers on School Management System (SMS).

    Activation of systems and applications in schools:

    § School management system using SMS allowing:
    § Establishment of school databases for students and employees affairs, and education management like schedule, classes, tests, exams and results
    § Establishment of library database
    § Extraction of reports
    § Learning Management System (LMS) of the 6th of October Education City


    § Establish two computer laboratories in a network environment with 21 computers for each lab
    § Equip the library with 3 computers with earphones for visitors

    Computers to Excel Initiative:

    The Computer to Excel initiative was launched under the auspices of Ministry of Education and City of Education in 6th of October governorate.  It came as part of an annual celebration organized by Ministry of Education and City of Education to honor the students who completed the primary stage of basic education in public schools nationwide. The initiative went on from 2006 to 2010.


    § Improve education through modern methods
    § Keep pace with technology advancement
    § Adopt innovative teaching manners and using ICT applications


    20 thousand computers were distributed on students in different governorates. Four thousand laptops were also distributed and two thousands to teachers in 2009 and 2010.

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