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    Schools Development Initiative

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    ICT has played a leading role in the past decade in improving educational services in the world. In this context, the 100 Schools Project was launched in 2006.

    It aims to spread the culture of the ICT usage in the educational process. Such culture will help create a new generation with competitive skills required for keeping pace with the technological and scientific progress.

    This project- put into force- depends on the public-private partnership principle between the government and the civil society in a new step to consolidate the role of the civil society in community-based initiatives, including education, health, culture and the positive interaction with the requirements of the surrounding community.

    A model for the integration of ICT into the educational process and administration inside the school has been facilitated to realize the desired objectives of the project.

    Not only is this model related to the provision of devices, equipment, networks, software programs, applications, high-speed internet and management systems, but also in application programs for different concerned groups.

    By doing this, both the student and the teacher were be able to use such techniques in fast learning, interactive learning as well as benefit from the capabilities of self-education and distance learning.

    Moreover, the project contributed to spreading the idea of providing learning community centers through opening schools for the public during non-working hours and holidays to offer technology services based on the needs of the surrounding community.


    § Offer graduates of schools at all stages, whether technical schools or usual ones, the skills of the 21st century in addition to the basic computer skills as well as enable them to use ICT. This will help expand their knowledge and develop their research skills
    § Facilitate a learning environment that enables the spread of modern leading methods like active learning, collaborative learning and mutual learning
    § Enhance the skills of creativity, constructive criticism and teamwork as well.


    A total of 247 schools were upgraded in different educational stages (135 in Cairo – 79 in Giza and 33 schools in Luxor)


    A total of 247 schools were upgraded in different educational stages (135 in Cairo – 79 in Giza and 33 schools in Luxor)

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