24 Sep 2020

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    Technical Schools Development Project

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Strengthening the benefits and potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applications and building capacities in education are key priorities in todays society.

    Technological advancements made in recent decades have induced dramatic improvements in the quality of education and in the way it is delivered and managed.

    Computers and Internet-based technologies have become the pivotal drivers for enhancing education in the 21st century.

    It is now evident that any progress made in the educational sector will positively influence all other sectors of the economy. The role of these technologies in the improvement of the national economy is now fully recognised. 

    The government of Egypt has given educational reform a high priority on its agenda for the next three years, 2007-2009. Political leaders, employers, and the public are expressing an unprecedented level of concern with the state of education in Egypt.

    As a consequence, the government is apportioning nearly one-third of its services budget to education, triggering a positive process of change that will impact future generations.

    Therefore many activities designed to improve economic and social development in Egypt are focused on the development applications of ICT in learning, aiming at the cross-promotion of these dynamic processes. Within the overall Egyptian Educational Initiative, the purpose of this project is to enhance and strengthen the technical education and vocational training using ICT solutions. The targeted beneficiaries are teachers and students at industrial schools, as well as to the wider community surrounding these schools.

    In the project 10  vocational schools of 5 years program will be modernized in ICT infrastructure, e-curricula and HR capacity building. Furthermore, an e-learning centre will be empowered to serve all technical schools' students, teachers as well as trainees from surrounding community. The centre will be operated in cooperation with an Italian institution (Don Bosco).

    The selected industrial schools will serve as Vocational Community Learning Centres (VCLC), with the purpose of teaching ICT-based courses as well as vocational courses to the community at large. Trainees will become more aware of the benefits of new technologies and improve their ICT skills.

    Finally, this pilot project is intended to become a model of technical education and vocational training to be replicated domestically and, possibly, internationally.

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