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    Virtual Labs

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Enhancing the education process, the virtual labs are interactive simulation software. The program tools can be used to change givens and to receive immediate feedbacks. This distant learning tool enables the student to make experiments and re-create them as much as he wants.

    It facilitates on-site learning in vocational education using ICTs. This comes in line with the efforts to maximize the benefits of the ICT tools to push the education system forward, thus, benefiting the citizens and prepare for the knowledge society.

    The virtual labs are a good replacement of ordinary labs. Most of the experiments in the curricula can be simulated in virtual labs which is difficult to achieve in real labs due to the limited time for practice and the number of labs.

    Virtual labs aim to lower the cost of training in classes and increase the learning skills of students, thus turning the learning process in vocational schools much easier using ICT tools.

    This also provides 3D equipment which help students and teachers benefit from these virtual experiments. Implementing several trails, parameters on the simulator and registering the previous work are main advantages of this tool equipped with schedule to reflect the timing of each application in real life. The user can see and learn a lot.


    § Develop the vocational education
    § Build the knowledge- based society
    § Maximize benefits of the ICT applications to improve the education system
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