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    Drama Based Learning

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    It produces interactive educational scenarios similar to a normal life; the content is a SCORM compliance.

    A group of persons play certain roles matching the requirements of training. The content is produced according to specific parameters.

    This learning method creates engaging learning content by creating situations that make learners think and decide.

    According to each decision, the next scene changes, this helps the learner acquire new skills like analysis, deduction and finding solutions instead of the direct learning methods based on choosing between the right and wrong or even try again. Learning is based on indirect reactions through unexpected scenes or dialogues.

    Being clear, logic and suitable for the content and the user, the design allows the integration of interactive presentations of concepts like texts, cartoons and voice narration.

    The ease of browsing, clarity and navigation from one topic to another are main features of innovative learning environment the initiative provides.

    The initiative provides important definitions, interpretation of abbreviations and codes related to the fields of application.


    § Develop the vocational education
    § Establish the Knowledge- based society
    § Maximize the benefits of ICT tools to improve the educational system
    § Create educational content
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    Thinking in 3D
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