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    e-Portal for Science and Technology

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The main target of the e-Portal for Science and Technology project is to make the scientific and technological content of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) available to the scientific community and the whole world using the latest ICT.

    The project has developed an e-portal entailing scientific and technological databases. It also designs, establishes and provides databases of the intellectual Egyptian input in the fields of science and technology.

    MCIT partnered with the Ministry of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research and IT companies for the project to see light.
    The bilingual portal allows the retrieval of deleted articles through a search engine. All information of the Egyptian Network of Scientific and Technology Information Network (ENSTINET) is available on the website for the academic and scientific community as well as interested Egyptian citizens.

    Users can search the portal’s content and publications, other related websites and thesis and research papers in the fields of science and technology. The portal also provides databases of CVs, Egyptian achievements, honoring occasions, as well as material to raise awareness, culture and news. This is in addition to  other privileges that will be accessible through this portal to the worldwide scientific community.


    § Develop an e-portal to make ASRT content related to science and technology available to the worldwide scientific community using latest ICT tools
    § Scan and save scientific and technological Egyptian articles in PDF and XML formats according to international standards
    § Link seven research centers with libraries symphony management system
    § Link the portal with symphony system and increase the storage capacity of the portal
    § Make search option in the portal’s content and publications as well as related websites available


    Scanning and saving Egyptian scientific and technological documents in PDF and XML formats according to international standards. A number of 5.5 million pages of scientific and technology documents were scanned, as well as 4205 patents from 1991 to 1998. Seven research centers were linked to libraries symphony management system, as well as developing the portal with symphony system and increasing the storage capacity of the portal.

    In 2005, ITIDA launched a national prize for e-content to encourage individuals, private sector and civil society to enrich the e-content in Arabic.

    A dedicated committee comprising software experts and e-content specialists evaluates the e-content products in e-learning, training and human capacity development, culture and heritage, as well as government, health, finance, business and entertainment domains.

    The winning products were nominated to participate at the World Summit Award (WSA)  held on the sidelines of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Tunisia, 2005.


    MCIT, Ministry of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research, IT companies

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