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    Automation of Central Poultry Production Quality Control Laboratory

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    This project comes within the framework of a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Agriculture and land reclamation in 2009 to build a national outbreak map through which epidemic diseases are trapped and future diseases are predicted.

    The Central Poultry Production Quality Control Laboratory was established in 2003 within the Animal Health Research Institute.

    Accredited in 2005 - according to the specifications of the International Organization for Standardization through a team from the National Office for labs accreditation and recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) - the Laboratory is the only body competent for diagnosing bird flu, immunizations’ follow-up and evaluation of diseases.

    The laboratory runs poultry production quality control to make sure there are no health issues, thus achieving quality standards and biosecurity.
    the project is the first of its kind in the field of controlling poultry diseases and could be generalized on other animals.


    § Calculate poultry farms in all provinces and identify their various activities
    § Identify hotbeds of diseases and trap recurrent epidemics
    § Assist in the planning of new projects and contribute to the investment in the poultry field
    § Support decision making through the provision of accurate geographic information, maps and statistical reports
    § Raise the efficiency of the laboratory’s performance through automating work cycles and connecting branches
    § Facilitate follow-up on the laboratory’s work and issue periodic reports and statistics to the concerned authorities about the current status of epidemic diseases in Egypt


    § In 2012, an outbreak map was finalized at Giza level, as well as establishing connecting lines between the main center for the laboratory and the rest of governorates § The quality system in the laboratory has been confirmed to be matching administrative and technical requirements, the use and calibration of the latest standard methods for testing and the latest laboratory equipment to ensure measurement accuracy. This is in addition to ensuring the efficiency of personnel and providing a suitable environment for the laboratory performance tests

    Technological Infrastructure used:

    § Applications of geographic information systems, building a unified national number of farmers according to provinces’ codes with the possibility of providing a buffer zone around disease areas
    § Laboratory management information system
    § Sub-laboratory system
    § Inventory management information system
    § E-archive system
    § Periodical and analytical reports
    § Geographic database for farmers’ data, locations of diseases
    § Mobile applications to collect farmers’ data, interacting automatically with the information center at the laboratory

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