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    Development of Environmental Monitoring Units in Cairo

    Last Updated: 05 Oct 2020
    The project seeks to integrate the use of ICTs in supporting the environment in the streets of Cairo by means of providing a developed automated system. The system controls companiesí performance, and links the central administration for monitoring performance to environmental monitoring units in various neighborhoods of Cairo.

    Environmental monitoring units were developed in Cairo by providing all necessary communication tools and networks for follow-up process on the project. This is in addition to communication lines and necessary means of telecommunications.

    The project provides accurate and updated information on the performance of waste companies, register irregularities by image and time as on the Internet. The project also offers all mechanisms for the exchange of information between the central administration for monitoring in Cairo and various environmental units, a key outcome which the new project provides following the development of the automated system for monitoring companiesí performance.

    The project seeks to promulgate advanced applications in the 29 Cairo neighborhoods. The project uses mobile applications and GPS. The first phase of the project is complete which applied the new system in eight neighborhoods.

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