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    E-Commerce Map of Alexandria

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    E-Commerce Map of Alexandria project comes within the framework of the cooperation protocol signed in June 2008 with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. The project was launched to provide merchants with services to identify best place to start business in line with a number of geographical characteristics.

    The project seeks to create a geographic information system (GIS) at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, as well as providing necessary equipment and software needed for its operation.

    This is achieved through an integrated geographic database for dealers of the chamber, thus facilitating location analysis, statistics and reports that help decision-makers.

    This is in addition to collect dealers’  applications, calculate and compile activities in Alexandria into a unified database , as well as linking the current chamber’s database with the geographic database, taking into account work cycle procedures in the chamber.

    The project also comprises an office application to manage the system by the Chamber of Commerce, as well as promoting the commercial activities through geographic information systems portal to help investors and the public to determine the best quality for trade investment in accordance with location, facilitating dealing with the chamber.


    § Create a GIS at Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and provide equipment and software required
    § Facilitate investors and the public dealing with the Chamber

    § Promote the national economic growth by developing the use of e-commerce
    § Provide full and updated data on economic activities and business
    § Support the efficiency of government and private commercial activities and contribute to increasing investment


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