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    Gomhoreya Newspaper Hotline 139 Development

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The establishment of the Gomhoreya Newspaper Hotline 139 is a joint effort between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Information. The hot line provides a 24-hour service though 20 phone lines, where it receives complaints from citizens in Cairo and other provinces about the sectors of electricity, water, telecommunications, ambulance and fire brigade.

    The emergency team delivers these complaints to officials to be resolved at the earliest opportunity. Those complaints are kept in a specialized computer program to facilitate retrieving them.

    To add professionalism to the service, a working group is assigned to monitor the process of solving problems by transferring them to a call center that receives complaints from citizens throughout the day, records all information and responds to complaints and suggestions in a huge database for easy reference at any time. It also tracks citizens’ complaints once received and until they are resolved and contact complainants to check problems have been dealt with.

    There is also an advanced e-central that receives hundreds of calls simultaneously and records them; the hot line receives readers’ suggestions, and a team registers data in the database and hand them over to editors responsible for resolving them.

    The journalist section also conducts interviews and reports which serve citizens. The Hotline receives short SMS messages to report any incident or complaint.


    § Improve the efficiency of services provided by the Gomhoreya newspaper, thus providing interactive services with citizens, in addition to automating and improving administrative work for optimal utilization of the newspaper’s resources through modern systems and IT tools
    § Mechanize work at the center receiving calls from the reception of complaints and requests until resolving them, eliminate paper work at the center and issue reports that help to evaluate and improve performance at different time periods
    § Issue periodic reports that help in the decision-making process, issue statistics on the response of various bodies, as well as facilitating the filing of complaints, inquiring about press work for publication, the development of infrastructure systems and the development of contact centers of centrals and computers to help automate work cycle

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