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    Commerce Chambers Automation

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The project provides adequate and accurate information for decision makers about business through an integrated information system. The Chambers of Commerce provide their services to approximately three million merchants in all governorates of Egypt.


    § Develop and standardize work system for citizens at Chambers of Commerce
    § Link 26 chambers of commerce nationwide in one information network
    § Extract economic indicators
    § Contribute to the development of the commercial sector
    § Increase the competitiveness of Egyptian companies
    § Raise the efficiency of managing public and private business
    § Increase investments through providing adequate and accurate information to decision makers about business through an integrated information system


    § Utilized the project in linking branches of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce to provide services through its three locations
    § Implemented an information unit of servers, equipment, printers, local networks and connecting lines at the Commercial Information Center and the General Union of Chambers of Commerce and a number of 26 commerce chambers, connecting them to a unified information network
    § Advance work cycles within the Chambers of Commerce
    § Established a centralized database containing data for around one million merchants, through which data could be collected on markets’ activities,  the activity of Chambers of Commerce and its general union and business
    § Developed and mechanized the main activities of records and certificates for the  chambers, as well as collection fees, the quality of research and studies, as well as developing a central application at the Commercial Information Center to extract economic indicators from the central database
    § Advanced and mechanized the main activities in the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce
    § Developed the portal of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce to serve the community of traders and provide e-services
    § Accredited the Commercial Information Center as a local academy for Cisco
    § Prepared technical calibers at participating bodies to develop and manage database systems and telecommunications networks
    § Trained 500 merchants of SMEs

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