24 Sep 2020

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    Modernizing Vocational Schools using ICT

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    As part of the Egyptian Education Initiative, the project of modernizing vocational schools using ICT aims to improve vocational education and training. The targeted groups include teachers and students in vocational schools, in addition to the largest communities of these schools.

    Ten schools are subject to total renovation during the 5 years of the project. This includes the development of ICT infrastructure and e-curricula and building human capacities.

    These schools are located in Zawya, Moharam Beik, Kafr El-Sheikh, Berket El-Sabe, Manzala, Zagazig, Suez, Menya, Qena, Mohamed Saleh areas.

    They work as community vocational education centers in order to provide training related to ICT tools and vocational education at a larger scale to include the surrounding communities, to make trainees more aware about the advantages of technology and develop their ICT skills.

    This initiative is a good model to modernize education and vocational training that could be replicated locally and internationally if possible.


    Update the vocational education reform in the concerned schools
    Provide devices and software and training opportunities


    A number of IT academies were launched inside the 10 schools and an e-learning center to serve students and teachers in addition to trainees in the surrounding communities.

    Several activities were made like diffusion of smart tablets, organizing workshops in Qena and Assuan to promote the vocational education centers and awareness workshops in six schools, in addition to providing training in this field for more than 115 teachers in cooperation with the Italian partners represented by Italian Istituto Don Bosco.

    100 teachers were trained on using Adobe Photoshop and Auto desk. 500 teachers attended 90 training sessions in the schools to learn about the virtual labs and 3D interactive learning applications. 100 sessions were registered to enrich the digital content in the vocational training field using ICT tools.


    Training 100 teachers on Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk
    Provide training for 500 teacher and organizing 90 training sessions in schools

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