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    Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program

    Last Updated: 19 Oct 2016
    The Youth Social Innovation Program (YSEP) Egypt, was especially tailored for young people in Egypt as it provided funding, mentorship and knowledge to alleviate poverty via social entrepreneurship.
    YSEP falls under the local economic development pillar which supports the creation of a healthy competitive business environment for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and social entrepreneurs, and increase jobs for youth using ICTs through means of human development, innovative technologies, Knowledge sharing and partnership.

    The program aims to empower potential young social entrepreneurs by providing assistance in three key areas:
    § Knowledge: conducted intensive capacity building workshops to enable potential young social entrepreneurs to prepare their business plans
    § Financing: offered grants to each business plan identified through a competitive selection process
    § Mentorship: assigned professional mentors to assist young social entrepreneurs from initiating ideas to implementation to creating social impact

    § Identify and support young people in Egypt who are potential social entrepreneurs with their most innovative ideas, solutions, commitment and vision for social innovation
    § Promote gender equality and human rights and reach out for the disadvantaged youth and underrepresented groups in society, including young women, the poor, rural youth, young people with disabilities, orphans, indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities
    § Reach out and work with disadvantaged youth and underrepresented groups in society including young women, the poor, rural youth, young people with disabilities, orphans, indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities

    § YSEP website established
    § Implemented a competition entitled "Tomouh” which means “Ambitions” for social creativity, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to promote creative thinking for young people
    § Selected the best 15 out of 200 projects submitted by young people in different areas and conducted training courses for them
    § Conducted a series of workshops for the selected projects’ owners and trained them on business planning and project management
    § Followed-up on winner projects for six months after the competition ended, through a group of experts for guidance and evaluation
    § Attended the IYV+10 campaign organized by the UN and the UNV in Saladin Citadel and announced the second phase of YSEP competition
    § The third phase of “Tomouh” Competition achieved the followings: - Awareness sessions for 300 young people
    - 509 submitted projects
    - 60 Trainers (ToT)
    - 176 trained entrepreneurs
    - 8 winners
    - 659 website visitors
    § The fourth phase (running in 2016) :
    - Agriculture and livestock production: www.aradina.net – the expert system URL is www.khobara.org
    - Family and home: byotna.kenanaonline.com
    - Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs): www.ayadina.net
    - Egyptian and Arab youth: yomgedid.kenanaonline.com
    - Disability issues: erada.kenanaonline.com
    - Education: edu.kenanaonline.com
    - Human development: zatak.kenanaonline.com

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