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    Integrated ICT for Development in SIWA OASIS

    Last Updated: 08 Oct 2015
    Integrated ICT for Development (Siwa Oasis) is one of Egypt’s most isolated settlements located in the heart of the western desert. Comprising 23,000 inhabitants where the majority is Berbers, Siwa citizens still follow traditional customs especially those related to gender inequality. 

    It was, therefore, essential to adopt various radical ICT for development interventions in order to effectively reach out the target groups particularly severely marginalized women to enable remote communities.

    The program falls under the pillar of active citizenship and social communities’ empowerment which seeks building a knowledge society for the prosperity and well-being of Egyptian citizens using ICTs by means of customized technical solutions, integrated developmental components, human development, minorities’ inclusion and reaching different communities.


    § Empower women
    § Enhance children’s health status
    § Modernize education
    § Increase employability


    § Gender Equality: empowered the status of Siwan women through eradicating illiteracy programs, thus, mobilized them towards playing an effective role in their local community.
    § Education Improvement: advanced the educational process via modernizing schools with comprehensive ICT solutions (infrastructure, capacity building programs, hardware and software) that paved the way for creative educational technologies.
    § Enhancing Child health Status: reduced child mortality by utilizing ICT tools to promote health care awareness and provided telemedicine assistance to children in Siwa.
    § Empowering Entrepreneurship: built the capacities of the Siwan entrepreneurs/SMEs and developed e-Marketing tools to advertise famous agricultural and cultural handicrafts through SMEs portal.
      § Knowledge Sharing: created a network between the above mentioned four sectors of interventions to ensure sustainable integration and positive impact on the whole socio-economic development process.

    § Remote Tele-Medicine
     In order to connect Siwa with other cities in Egypt, a Center of Excellence in El-Shatby Child Hospital, part of Alexandria University, was established as a connecting point to SIWA Central Hospital. This Center provides Tele-Medicine services and remote diseases diagnosis in partnership with the World Health Organization.

    A customized embedded computer on a tableya (a small round table) which constituted customized comfortable embedded single CPU that ran for four independent users. Tabulator was developed especially to override the traditional customs that prevent women from going outside their homes to attend educational classes, as it served as mobile educational labs situated at homes.

    § Smart ICT 4Education
    To promote educational importance and services in such a remote area, the project established a complete ICT infrastructure in six preparatory schools, building the capacities of teachers and administrators on School Management and Learning Management Systems to integrate the ICT programs in the educational process.
    § Siwa Shop
    The program worked on developing and enhancing e-market portal to promote SIWA Products on-line in order to enlarge the virtual marketplace of the M/SM Enterprises established in SIWA.

    Status: completed



    § Fully equipped smart schools: 6 
    § Professionally trained Teachers: 41 
    § Students with improved ICT skills: 1128 
    § E-learning sessions: 3 
    § Reduction in dropout rate: 5% 

    Women Empowerment:

    § Tabulator developed: 6 
    § Training hours: 1728 
    § Women finished IE DCs: 32 
    § Women finished Capacity building training: 24 
    § Training hours-Women Empowerment training: 216 


    § Children beneficiaries of tele-consultation services in two months: 52 
    § Professionally trained doctors trained on Tele-medicine techniques: 7 
    § Trained stuff: 3 
    § New small Tele- clinics: 5 

    § Siwan SMEs marketing online: 20 
    § Portal Hits: 520 
    § E-marketing awareness sessions: 6 

    For more information, please visit kenanaonline.com/siwa

    Status: Completed

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