22 Sep 2020

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    Siwa Heritage Documentation

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Siwa is one of Egypts most amazing and distinguished oases. It has gone through many historical stages, a thing that gave a lot of richness and diversity to its heritage. Siwa Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (SIWA-CULTNAT) located in the heart of Siwa is the headquarters of the heritage documentation mission. SIWA-CULTNAT, established in 2012, is an outcome of the Euromed Heritage project "Siwa and Tangier: A Heritage for a Better Life". SIWA-CULTNAT is a spot that offers multimedia documentation of the intangible cultural heritage of Siwa Oasis. Cultnat is in charge of the implementation of the project with the partnership of Siwa council, the association of local community development, Siwa sons association, the directorate of antiquities at Siwa as well as Italian-German partner institutions.


    Document different aspects of Siwa intangible heritage including traditions and customs, handicrafts, art, music, poetry and sculpture, natural reserves, irrigation and architecture of buildings as well.


    Developed the Siwa Intangible Heritage Thesaurus to provide information on popular beliefs and knowledge, traditions and customs, folk literature and arts, and traditional craftsmanship, acquiring data from young siwi men and women who acted as field researchers. www.siwacultnat.org.
    An interactive GIS system: Siwa locator, for the archaeological and touristic attractions, was implemented. www.siwacultnat.org.
    Trained field workers on data entry for the system and management staff of SIWA-CULTNAT center on management issues

    Future Prospects

    Further documentation projects such as: documentation of the old buildings, artistic heritage, flora and fauna diversity, history and geological diversity, specific irrigation methods documentation among others as the center is managed by the Native Siwan Association for Tourist Services and Environment Production, NSA which  coordinated with CULTNAT to implement their future plan
    Siwa natural and cultural heritage documentation project is to take 5 years. At the end of this period, youth of the region will be trained on modern techniques of the natural and cultural heritage documentation
    A complete encyclopedia about Siwa heritage is to be released
    Visitors will be able to get to know the culture and nature of the heritage of the region through a whole center dedicated for this purpose

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