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    Documentation of Presidential Palaces

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Launched in 2005, the documentation of presidential palaces project took place under the supervision of the Presidential Cabinet and with the sponsorship of  the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

    The project is the first thorough documentation of the Presidential Palaces in Egypt. It covers many aspects concerning the palace; its architectural history, furniture and decorative pieces. The project is presented to interested groups as part of Egypt’s modern history and architectural pride.


    § Document  the architectural history represented in the Presidential Palaces, a part of Egypt’s modern history and a main source of national pride


    § Various publications containing exclusive photos taken by professionals and a collection of drawings published for the first time, as well as documents providing unique outcomes. A team of specialists and professors in different fields are involved to insure the production of a high standard publication with valuable information

    § The first phase of the project covered Abdeen Palace. “Abdeen Palace: The Jewel of 19th Century Cairo book” in English and another edition in Arabic is the first publication. An Official Guide published in Arabic and English in two separate volumes, and a set of 30 of architectural line drawings, published for the first time

    § The second stage of the project covered Al Tahra Palace and produced the book: “Al Tahra Palace: A Gem in a Majestic Garden”. In addition to the historical background, the book contains a full chapter about the marvelous garden surrounding the palace

    § In 2009, the third phase of the documentation of the Presidential Palaces project started by documenting Al Qubba Palace which is one of the most important palaces in Egypt

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