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    Enhancing Productivity Initiative

    Last Updated: 21 Jul 2019
    The Enhancing Productivity Initiative is implemented using latest cloud computing technologies to provide a brilliant, cost-effective services and relieve the financial burden for the maintenance and operation of data centers. This is in addition to reducing the need for specialized human resources while considering standard specifications to maintain the security and integrity of information. Necessary trainings are continuously provided for employees such as Training of Trainers (TOT) activities on the initiative applications to ensure best utilization of the services provided to different organizations. MCIT promotes enhancing productivity and efficiency in ministries and affiliated bodies by means of providing government employees with modern collaboration tools. Since the launch of the project, several services were provided to more than 116 government bodies including the provision of 16,000 email. The number of 1500 accounts were created for the Internal Portal. This is in addition to providing 600 accounts in the system of the unified communication which facilitates video conferencing services through secure, encrypted audio, video channels. Moreover, the productivity initiative servers were moved from a shared environment to a new private environment which provides more security constraints and facilities; many features in emails and internal portal services were provided through the initiative.

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