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    Internet Press

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    The blend in media between print material and audio-visual means for the very first time in history has compelled the emergence of a more distinguished media tool named online journalism. Online journalism was the result of the immense development in computer technology. Researchers and journalists have attempted and succeeded in producing e-newspapers that match traditional papers with additional features, thanks to technology progress. Internet has become a phenomena and it has gone beyond the scope of government and universitiesí services. e-publishing of newspapers, information and news websites emerged. The Arab e-content hasnít yet occupied the position it deserves in comparison with the overwhelming prevalence of the English content. MCIT, therefore, launched in 2005 a national initiative to support online Arabic content. MCIT signed a number of cooperation protocols with several press agencies in the Middle East to publish digital content and turn newspapers into electronic editions, in a step towards positioning the Arabic digital content and culture in the place deserved. Goals:

    ß Preserve the Arab heritage
    ß Document the memory of the nation for future generations

    Al-Ahram Mobile Application:

    Al-Ahram mobile application is a notable addition to Al-Ahram. MCIT and Al-Ahram collaborated to create the latterís website on mobile phones, tackling data and content to be accessible.
    www.mobile.ahram.org.eg Al-Ahram Radio Broadcast:
    Al-Ahram newspaper occupies one of the highest ranks in journalism worldwide. With the increasing number of readers who turned their back on printed newspapers, a new technology has been introduced that is more interactive which is the internet radio station. It is one of the best tools to expand newspapersí market and provide more interactivity with readers. The project created a system of radio broadcasting for Al-Ahram newspaper now reaching a wide range of public on internet.
    Al-Ahram Ads Website:

    Al-Ahram Ads is the official website for Al-Ahramís advertisements for the simple transfer of announcements. It also allows adsí organization and preparation. The website displays data in two languages: English and Arabic.
    http://portal.ahram.org.eg/Mob Al-Goumhoria Work System Automation:

    The project comprises a comprehensive editing application, follow-up on production application and instant linking to the newspaperís website application. This is in addition to supplying and training on Adobe Indesign CS4 program for a number of users. 
    The project started in March 2010 for the duration of nine months.

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