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    Luxor Portal

    Last Updated: 02 Jul 2019
    Luxor Portal was launched as part of Egyptís keenness to boost tourism. The website is the official touristic portal of the city of Luxor. The portal offers tourists comprehensive, functional, and up-to-date information on Luxor in the most interactive and visually attractive manner. 

    It contains a huge photo gallery of Luxor, a detailed GIS-based map of the city, a comprehensive illustration of all monumental sites and an updated calendar of the cityís events.

    This is in addition to practical information on all possible activities that tourists can engage in and a complete database of all medical, hotel accommodation, dining, transportation, airlines and banking services of the city. The portal covers all governorates of Egypt and is accessible in more than 115 countries.

    Luxor Portal Mobile Application:

    The project worked on implementing the mobile application using two-dimensional barcode and cloud computing. Participating bodies in the project included MCIT in cooperation with Luxor governorate and private sectorís companies.


    ß Promote tourism
    ß Allow information on Luxor city to tourists


    The English edition of the portal was officially launched in February 2009, while the French and Arabic editions were launched in 2010. Virtual visits of the Luxor city and an updated GIS map of the historical city were uploaded to the portal. Luxor information center was linked to the internet using a 3 MB/ sec tie line.
    Training employees at Luxor information center was then offered on managing and marketing the portal through the ultimate search engine and preparing the portalís administration in Luxor city.


    For the historical content, MCIT cooperated with Luxor governorate, the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) and Mubarak Science City and the American University in Cairo.
    Microsoft partnered with LINKdotNET and the private sector to organize the content and digitize the maps.


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